Welcome to New York, Nordstrom

Welcome to New York, Nordstrom

Welcome to New York, Nordstrom 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

“New York doesn’t need another retailer, but it needs a Nordstrom,” said John Bailey, Senior Public Relations Manager at Nordstrom. After visiting the massive 7 story, 320,000 square foot, West 57th Street location, I would have to agree.

It was a goal to bring the bustle and beauty of New York into the space. Open windows connect the inside to the outside. Pulling shoppers off the traditional 5th Avenue shopping destination was a choice the team actively made. Selecting the right real estate to accommodate this vision was crucial to success and once construction began it took 7 years to complete. Upon entrance, the space is open, bright, and welcoming. This continues throughout the store, but then there are shifts in light levels and materials. Dialing up or down the mood. Soft tones one minute, then dramatic moments the next. Unexpected playfulness in shop in shops and communications encourage shoppers to move deeper into the spaces. Above and below.

Nordstrom is known for offering a wide range of merchandise at all price points. From Vans to Louboutin, shoppers can find their style at any price point. A smart move for Nordstrom to offer space to digital natives like Rothy’s, giving place for a brand to test the physical retail waters, but also bring a halo to Nordstrom with an exclusive product offer.

Pop-Ins will be a big part of the shopping journey. I was lucky enough to shop the Everlane Pop-In with unique product that I didn’t find at the Flagship in SoHo the day before. These Pop-In swill rotate brand stories, offering flexibility.

A step into the brand rooms for Nike & Burberry and you think you’re in a whole new world. Connected by halls or stairways, the shops are unique to the brand. Immersive and stand on their own brand power. Each room had a distinct personality you couldn’t find anywhere else. From the bright colors and the bedazzled fixtures in Nike or the Instagram worthy café in Burberry, these spaces invite shoppers in for a playful experience.

Naturally, service was at every touchpoint and around every corner of the Nordstrom Flagship. Tailoring service counters could be found in almost every apparel department. Fitting room pods were available for easy access. The Nordstrom owned, Trunk Club, has an outpost where users can visit the store and meet with a stylist or return their trunks. In the Stylist Lounge, Stylists are available to help grow, change, and shop the perfect wardrobe. The best part of the Stylist Lounge: it’s completely free and has no minimum requirement. THAT is service done right.

In the Beauty department (which feels more of an entire store on it’s own), they offer 110 beauty services, including partnership with DryBar for the perfect blowout, and in the Face Gym area they now offer injectables. Looking fresh has never been so easy. 2 Beauty Concierges are on hand to answer questions, offer new products, and solve beauty challenges.

You can’t spend an entire day at a department store without food. And Nordstrom is offering a variety, and thoughtful, mix of dining options. From the moody and high end feel in Wolf, to the Hawaiian casual vibe at Hani Pacific, or its own Donut Shop, you can find exactly what will tickle your taste buds. In all, there are 4 Full Service Restaurants, 2 Bars, and 1 Donut Shop. Whoa.

Dedicated to their commitment to service, the entire store is rooted in delivering an elevated, yet approachable, brand experience that shoppers can get lost in. Spending an entire afternoon, as I did, is not only easy, it’s enjoyable. I totally lost track of time exploring, trying, learning, and eating.

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