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Creating connected environments

For more than 30 years, Chute Gerdeman has been helping brands around the world create experiences that wow consumers and deliver true business transformation.

Backed by the power of FCB

Ranked #1 in brand engagement and shopper marketing, global powerhouse FCB/RED brings technology and creativity together to create powerful retail connections.


Creating compelling and useful food environments—whether restaurant, grocery, or a food-forward c-store—requires a unique, collaborative approach. Our hunger for understanding consumer behavior and client goals translates into design experiences that amplify brand and revenue.

The Great Grocery Shakeout
A Shift in Store Dynamics

32 million Americans head to the grocery store everyday. But as loyalty fades we wonder, what can be done to improve the relationship between the consumer and the store?

Where Human Touch Meets Robotic Precision

Boston-based brand Spyce is bridging human expertise and automation to create a cutting-edge culinary experience that provides affordable, wholesome food options.

Building Community Through Food With CCN

We work with Dominican grocery retailer, CCN, to create high-end but welcoming food spaces that speak to the aspirational community and highlight cultural traditions.

Electric New Customer Journey

We teamed up with FCB/RED to create a seamless, more integrated approach to services for Xfinity.

Hungry for an elevated experience

Exceeding customer expectations and truly focusing on the “easy, fresh, and affordable” promise.

Design Leader

As co-founder Denny Gerdeman announces his retirement, we look back on a career that built a global agency and shaped an industry.


A collection of insights research and observations across retail, restaurant, c-store and grocery. Helping brands provide a better experience for their customers. Enjoy.

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