FAO at Target HOLIDAY WONDER We help bring two much-loved brands together in a world of exploration, play, and delight. TAKE A PEEK HOT NOW! CG works with Krispy Kreme to design and launch a space for donut celebration in the heart of Times Square. GET A LOOK INSIDE COMFORT MEETS CONVENIENCE Pingo Doce partners with Chute Gerdeman to create inviting food spaces that appeal to shoppers and diners alike. SHOP AROUND

Creating connected environments

For more than 30 years, Chute Gerdeman has been helping brands around the world create experiences that wow consumers and deliver true business transformation.

Backed by the power of ASG

For nearly two decades, Asset Strategies Group (ASG) has helped more than 125 specialty retailers strategically plan real estate investments, control costs, streamline business operations, and maximize profit potential.


As we navigate new consumer shifts and operational changes, we’ve identified creative actions brands can take to remain relevant and stay ahead. The surge of social interaction and delightful brand experiences will be a winning combination when the dust has settled, and an altered reality begins. Are you ready?

Going Touchless

Consumers have heightened awareness about their shopping environments and how safe they are at every touchpoint. As a result, brands are doubling down on touch-free experiences.

Expand the Brand

For IRL experiences to return to their former glory, it’s going to take some work. Exploring crafted experiences and brand partnerships may be the key to connecting with consumers in a fresh, new way.

Multi-Purpose Retail

Consumers are looking for ways to make trips outside the home as efficient as possible. We look at three specific opportunities for evolution as the new reality of retail takes shape.

Electric New Customer Journey

We teamed up with FCB/RED to create a seamless, more integrated approach to services for Xfinity.

Hungry for an elevated experience

Exceeding customer expectations and truly focusing on the “easy, fresh, and affordable” promise.

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