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New Bridal Experience

At its conception, VOW’D promised to redefine bridal. In an industry prime for change, Vow’d set out to create the most inspiring, welcoming, and inclusive bridal experience in the market.

Here, the bride is priority. In the words of the VOW’D team, “if the wedding is the best day, this should be the second best.” The brand shuns “traditional” bridal’s exclusive outlook by placing all focus on the brides’ experiences, celebrating them on their way to one of their life’s biggest milestones.

Vow'd Weddings

Intentional Moments

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of joy, or as we affectionately call it – a “love party.” Bright colors, confetti, decor, shaping, and meaningful wall coverings encapsulate the store in this celebratory, imaginative feel. We designed these moments to share joy, not describe it through written messages.

We made the space open for all brides to connect and create a bridal community within the store, both private and public. The journey reflects modern brides, with all services tailored to their needs. Whether alone or accompanied by friends and family, she’s empowered to enjoy the moment on her terms. These public and private spaces also help provide areas for the range of emotions on the journey to such a huge moment in life.

Vow'd Weddings
Vow'd Weddings

Better Together

Unique fitting rooms provide privacy with the stylist—this is often where the decision is made. From there, we designed a special “yes” moment for the bride to celebrate her newfound dress and take part of the experience with her. It’s all about her journey and celebrating with her. The store supports stylists as well without the need for the guests to see or feel the workings behind the party for a seamless visit.

Our collaboration and ability to work with agility has helped us be on track for other store locations to open in 2023. We look forward to continue working with the brand, and seeing VOW’D come to life!

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