An Electrifying New Customer Journey

What if a design focused on what the customer needed most? What if by eliminating walls between the employees and the customer we created a seamless, more integrated approach to services?

Chute Gerdeman and FCB/RED were challenged with transforming the current transactional store environment into an immersive retail experience. Xfinity needed a space that encouraged exploration and engagement with its core products and companion merchandise.

Our commitment to the customer translated throughout the entirety of this new concept. We broke down barriers to make the space feel more fluid, transforming the way associates and potential members could interact.

The Power of Partnership

We wanted to be sure that our designs provided the appropriate solutions for the Xfinity customer. Extensive research on the upfront helped drive the physical format for a mock store. The insights and outcome of the space helped solidify our strategy going forward.

The partnership between Comcast, FCB/RED, and Chute Gerdeman was seamless in execution. Our teams brought what we do best to the table to elevate the entirety of this overall experience. Upfront–pre/post consumer strategy, journey mapping, and overall design for the space led the way for graphic communication implementation and wayfinding signage.

Zoned Out

Curating zones to specific lifestyle moments creates a personalized experience service-based brands aren’t currently offering. The implementation of accessories gives the sense that the new Xfinity brand is here to help with whatever the customer may need.


Bragging Rights


2019 Shopper Marketing Effie Awards
Category / Aisle Evolution

Design that connects people to the world’s greatest brands.

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