A Beacon of Local Flavor

What if a localized environment could be made just as fresh and forward as the ingredients it worked to promote? What if the use of an open kitchen and photo opportunities allowed guests to interact with the Pizza Patrón brand unlike ever before?

An Extra-Large Experience

It’s not often that a client gives our designers the opportunity to create a space with a loud and vivacious presence. “Like a Boss,” Pizza Patrón partnered with Chute Gerdeman to create an edgy, outspoken pizza restaurant that could cater to the masses. Whether it’s the millennial pizza lover or the family of five, this brand needed a locally-infused, engaging environment to drive customers in and encourage them to stay.

A Space with Just the Right Toppings

This project was so much more than environment design–it was the congruence and epitome of brand translation and transformation. We helped articulate Patrón’s new recipe while telling the brand’s story through powerful graphics, fixtures, and furnishings.

Our designs helped localize and exemplify the entire Pizza Patron aesthetic. Working to elucidate its powerfully fresh, new offering we designed an open-kitchen concept that both builds excitement and increases allure. Branded graphics and menu designs fill the space beyond the counter to illustrate what’s new, what’s fresh, and what’s tasty. Walls wrapped in murals–specific to each location–translates what type of energy the space needed to evoke. 

High-quality, colorful finishes tower behind and above neutral-colored tables, producing an elevated Pizza Patron customers had never seen before. Photo and social opportunities lay adjacent to the dining area to create brand promotion and connection for guests of any age. A community-style patio wreathed in branded graphics and finishes create a party of its own, emiting an energy seen by all during the day and illuminated for hungry guests at night. 

Splashes of modern-style dining sit along the front entrance, queuing guests to plug-in and zone out. Because Pizza Patrón required an environment suitable for guests at any age, tables integrated with outlets evolved the space from a traditional pizza-dining joint into a relatable, current brand experience. Photo and social moments help build brand association and activation to give guests a new reason to enjoy all that Pizza Patrón has to offer.

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