There Is No Isolation With Digital

There Is No Isolation With Digital

There Is No Isolation With Digital 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Randy Liddil, VP, Digital Design Lab at Chute Gerdeman, shares his thoughts on the importance of branded, digital experiences.

Digital Foresight

Retail, restaurant, and brand experiences are all in question. Will Amazon gain even more traction on grocery experience & delivery along with others? Will there be a new type of experience design using technology where someone can still come to the store, yet have enough distance for them to shop, and still feel safe?

Possibly, but stores could literally be cut into sections where shopping, and maintaining distance, become a normality. Trader Joe’s has already done a good job at placing smaller groups of people into their stores at one time. Looking ahead, there could possibly be a virtual grocery assistant that connects with the store while you are on your way in, and even offers ideas, tips, and cooking recipes based on what you ordered. This will help keep the pickup process clean, and efficient. In the future, we’ll see more groceries dropped off at doorsteps, with a virtual chef immediately on standby to help users with questions and/or tips on cooking along. The cherry on top would be implementing a way of connecting us with friends to virtually eat, and drink with.

For those truly missing the restaurant atmosphere, virtual culinary experiences are on the rise. The Chef & The Dish is hosting virtual cooking classes, connecting chefs, and students together via Skype. With an extensive menu, and extra downtime, this digital experience is right on que.

Building Brand Experiences

Retailers like REI could (and should) implement more tech into their experience as well, and specifically VR. Simply testing out a tent in VR could help us escape from our own homes, and also boost product sales.

As soon as I put a headset on, or Google cardboard, I should be transported into an REI experience that is branded, in the outdoors, and a place I can enjoy where I want to go with the product(s) at hand. REI is already asking the question about proper digital implementation, as many other retailers should.

On a brand experience note, Netflix is now hosting group entertainment hang outs with Netflix Party, a great way to virtually connect friends who can watch shows together, and chat too. Bigscreen VR brings the entire massive theatrical experience to life, and right into your home.

While in closed quarters, the beauty of digital is there is no isolation. Brands can connect with us, with friends, family, and even strangers. At a time where we’re craving social interaction, it’s evident that brands need to digitally revitalize their offerings, and sooner rather than later.


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