Restaurants Shift to Support Community

Restaurants Shift to Support Community

Restaurants Shift to Support Community 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

In this new, social-distanced society, restaurants and bars have been hit the hardest. Sad, empty dining rooms, resulting from the mandatory shut down, has caused many to reduce staff and in some instances, close their doors indefinitely. We’re seeing highlights though, from a few innovative thinkers, doing their best to reassess their current formats in order to meet customer demand and keep their team members productive. And because we often like to share good vibes from our home, we’re giving love to some restaurants here in Columbus, Ohio that are evolving in this rapidly changing environment.

Seventh Son Brewing

One of the first craft breweries in Columbus, Seventh Son wanted to keep the brew flowing by offering delivery directly from the brewery. Seventh Son brews have always been available for pick-up and at a grocery store, but instead of laying off their staff, they went to work to offer up an online ordering system with scheduled delivery times (often next day) to their loyal beer followers.


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Service Bar

What grew out of distillery, Middle West Spirits, Service Bar has become a staple in the Columbus culinary community. Gaining praise for unique cocktails and delightful dishes, like the Cheesy Brisket Crunch—a play on Chef Avishar Barua’s favorite Taco Bell staple, Service Bar is bustling and often booked reservations. A full-service restaurant offering a unique dining experience, they made the decision to not offer carry out or delivery offerings from the get go. Enter the shutdown. The team got to work on developing a new menu offer that would lend itself to a carryout business while maintaining the quality for diners to enjoy at home. The team at Service Bar came together and worked through the kinks, asked the community to bear with them, and they did. Now testing delivery, we’ll see how this evolves their business in the coming weeks.


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The small but mighty sushi chain, Fusian, allows for customizable sushi rolls and bowls ala Chipotle style creation line. Looking to keep business moving and connecting food supply warehouses directly to customers, Fusian started Fusian Grocery, an online ordering service via the Fusian website. Fusian Grocery allows customers to purchase select fresh produce and pantry items from the restaurant by way of their restaurant supply network. With most restaurants only offering carryout, the food supply would have gone to waste, but by offering this new service, Fusian is continuing to serve their customers at a time when going grocery shopping isn’t always ideal. Customers can pick up their grocery items at the restaurant or have them delivered for only $1.00. A bonus, some orders can get a roll of toilet paper added to their order.


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Talk about shifting from business as usual to a whole new stay-at-home world. One thing is clear, when this is all over, there will be a surge in social outings and dining will be the first boom. Go ahead, make those dinner reservations in advance.

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