Retail Cultivates Brand Tourism

Retail Cultivates Brand Tourism

Retail Cultivates Brand Tourism 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Brands knowingly, or perhaps unknowingly, are creating hubs of tourism – a place for guests and socially active to come and go at will. These destinations are extensions of the brand and often a departure from the core offer but serve as an experiential enhancement. Whether it’s tapping into consumer curiosity or lifestyle, this wave of brand tourism creates an emerging opportunity.

Treat Yourself

New York City retailer, KITH, is one of the leading names in contemporary fashion today. Serving as both a multi-functional lifestyle retailer and a house of brands, KITH collaborates with some of the biggest names in fashion. As an extension of their retail experience, the brand introduced KITH Treats, a playful cereal and ice cream bar concept found in KITH locations worldwide. Beyond the treats, it’s become a brand entity unto itself, with a full range of apparel and capsule collections released each season. For some consumers, KITH luxury products may be out of reach, but Treats opens the door for customers to stop in and enjoy a little something sweet without the guilt.

Hoppiest Place on Earth

Scottish brewery and pub chain BrewDog recently opened the world’s first craft beer hotel. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the DogHouse is a shrine to all things craft beer. Each room hosts personalized beer on tap, locally made craft beer soap, and even a shower beer fridge. For craft beer connoisseurs, this is heaven and slowly emerging as a tourism hub for those who simply want to say, “I stayed at a beer hotel.” Guests can see the process of how the brand’s signature beer comes to life and learn more about the brand’s heritage in a 6,000 sq. ft. beer museum. Although the hospitality space centers around BrewDog, guests can also explore some local collaborations for a little community comfort. As BrewDog continues to gain popularity in the United States, the hotel could be a blueprint for new brand experiences that showcase the beer lifestyle.

A Social Connection

Social media’s influence on Millennials and Gen Z is helping brands increase foot traffic. Retail spaces with creative digital integrations are drawing in shoppers to broadcast their experiences to the world. Shiseido‘s Beauty Square Flagship houses the best beauty brands and some of the most advanced digital capabilities in retail. Providing a fully interactive experience, guests have all the necessary tools to share it on social media every step of the way. Each visitor can design a digital avatar to pair alongside their friends and even celebrity idols. Once finished, guests can stream live via their in-house content creation studio and show off their beauty talents.

For some brands, the fear of missing out (FOMO) or “doing it for the gram” is a new driving force, and those offering a worthy discovery are finding consumers are repaying with notoriety. Tapping into brand tourism can turn temporary admirers into advocates and retail destinations into bucket list experiences.

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Photo Credit: BrewDog

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