The Perfect Pair – Raising Retail’s Spirit

The Perfect Pair – Raising Retail’s Spirit

The Perfect Pair – Raising Retail’s Spirit 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

A partnership years in the making, retailers are finding inspiration and innovation from the world of alcohol, and this is a trend we all can get behind. A shopping trip is a time to enjoy yourself, explore, and seek inspiration, while also being productive. Consumers today are changing how they like to shop, enjoying a drink or two along the way. Since 2019, drinking + shopping has evolved into a $45B industry, accelerating the marriage between retail & beverage. With both worlds experimenting with new methods of brand experience, the natural pairing of the two continues to evolve and elevate the shopping adventure.

Stop, Shop, & Sip

We’ve been hard at work with our friends at Giant Food, developing an experience that drives customers to seek out the grocery as a place to enjoy rather than just to fill the shopping cart. More than a chore, the new Giant Food experience gives shoppers a reason to reward themselves while grabbing weekly supplies along the way. The Perfect Pour, a tap wall designed with digital integration, lists the details of each brew selection in depth. Selections vary from across the world, with local, domestic & import products changing continually. Empowering yet efficient, guests can come and go as they please, trying new selections each time they visit. This new concept is being applied to multiple locations and will be a catalyst for the new Giant store of the future.

Photo credit: Giant Food Stores

Shoes & Spirits

Sneakers, high heels, boots, and cosmos, Nordstrom’s NYC flagship has an interesting menu. Shoe Bar, Nordstrom’s newest concoction, offers small plates in pairing with luxury cocktails. All a part of the experience, guests can enjoy themed beverages and quench their thirst for fashion at the same time. Understanding the importance of differentiation, the brand believes their Shoe Bar concept delivers that extra incentive to shop Nordstrom’s selections.

“I don’t know why it took us so long to put drinking and shoes together, but it’s a great combination.” – Erik Nordstrom, Chief Executive

Bread, Milk, & Beer

Two Villains, a popular Bronx brewery, pivoted into a new role and transformed into a pop-up supermarket last spring. Initially, a pandemic response, Two Villains’ main goal was to help the local community in a time of need, while also expanding their store offering. The idea originated from their product distributor, Sysco, which led the company to run with it as quickly as they could. Not deviating from what makes them unique, customers can always grab a Two Villains brew to go alongside their home necessities.

We believe that when leisure meets necessity, something special happens. The new landscape for experience design is showing us to not overthink things. A drink, once a simple pleasure, is now the difference for consumer loyalty and engagement. While this is a work in progress, expect partnerships like this to form across the world and become the new norm.

Curious what it takes to satisfy the new grocery consumer?

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