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There’s often debate on how to extend the customer experience beyond the four walls of the store environment. How EComm has changed the industry and how brick-and-mortar is often on the edge of collapse. We’ve heard it all before. The response is always the same, retail will change and evolve, but shopper desire will remain. Shopping is emotional and has a direct connection on one’s lifestyle—a want that feels like a need is a powerful motivator. What remains in retail is the opportunity to “make it shoppable” everywhere and we’re seeing it increasingly in unique mediums and communications. Once only reserved for the extremely wealthy, “everything is for sale” is quite literally becoming a reality for everyone. The combination of access and click-to-purchase is making for a playground of shopping experiences across touchpoints.

Shoppable TV

Imagine watching Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist and purchasing Zoe’s entire wardrobe. With NBC’s Shoppable TV that will soon become a reality. Offering a seamless shopping experience, ShoppableTV allows viewers to purchase products that they see as they are watching their favorite programming. Instead of commercial time, products are integrated into the programming and then featured as a scan and shop on screen. Viewers could shop Novak Djokovic’s Lacoste look during the French Open or check out The Hue that was integrated into a Very Cavallari episode. Now are the days of limited commercial interruption and we’ll see this ShoppableTV trend continue as networks look to sell ad space in new and innovative ways. With conversion rates averaging at 2.6%, comparable to standard e-commerce rates, it’s already showing promise.

“With ShoppableTV, NBCUniversal is transcending the legacy business practices of television and driving business outcomes by creating an on-air real-time commerce experience. By pairing brands with our premium content, owning every stage of the purchase funnel and removing the barriers consumers traditionally encounter between seeing a product and making a purchase, we’re giving marketers a direct sales channel to millions of viewers across the country.” – Josh Feldman, Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing and Advertising Creative, NBCUniversal

Experience Extentions

We’ll likely see this in-home shopping integration in more unexpected places. Lululemon’s purchase of in-home fitness innovation Mirror is one prime example of an extension opportunity. Now with the ability to connect to shoppers directly in-home, it’s only a matter of time before users are able to add the latest workout gear to their virtual basket, even during their workout. Especially when their favorite instructors are featured wearing the latest Lululemon fashions.

Digital Integrations

Way back in 2013-2014, there was a brand store format called Kate Spade Saturday that the industry was buzzing about. Featuring a digital storefront that was shoppable all day and night. Clearly well before it’s time and wasn’t adopted by the New York audience, but imagine if this would have stepped on the scene last year. A 24-hour shoppable store with quick delivery would have certainly helped many retailers in this Covid era. Now we’re seeing the influence of Uber Eats creep its way into the at home shopping experience. New shopping apps like FastAF, touting themselves as the new Local shop, help consumers shop their favorite brands like Nike and Aesop with a delivery time within 2 hours. Currently only available in NY and LA, we’ll likely see this expansion continue, along with many more options in the app store.

As shifts in behavior continue to evolve, and even more rapidly today than ever, tech and retail innovation are closing in. As consumers look to expand beyond the typical shopping journey, we believe there’s an increased interest in convenience paired with emotion that is revolutionizing how we engage and create brand connections.

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