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Here Comes Saturday

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On a recent walk through Soho I found myself being pulled towards the bright yellow storefront of Kate Spade Saturday. As a longtime fan of Kate Spade, I was curious what the new brand had to offer so I had to go in and explore. What I found was that Saturday shared a number of qualities with its older sister Kate Spade, but they remain unique and distinct.

Saturday launched roughly a year ago as a more casual line to the polished and sophisticated look of Kate Spade. The line targets a younger customer who values style and is unique, individual, and expressive. She might love the Kate Spade brand, but isn’t quite ready for the price point or lifestyle.

The difference in the two brands is very easy to see in the product—it is still very playful, bold, and colorful but realized in a very different way. The same is very true of its retail stores.

Location is Everything

The locations of the flagship stores for the respective sister brands tell you a lot about their target audience. While Kate Spade calls Madison Avenue home and the chic, sophisticated shoppers her neighbors, Saturday chose to launch in Tokyo. This flagship was chosen based on an existing love for the Kate Spade brand in Japan, as well as an abundance of the trendsetting women who embrace colorful prints and bold patterns. Other strategic choices such as the digital storefront (click here for more info on the storefront) and the pop-up at the Jet Blue terminal in JFK reinforce and cater to the jet-setting and modern lifestyle of their target customer.

Details, Details, Details

When you step inside Saturday it is a much different look and feel than it’s older sister. The gilded touches of Kate Spade are replaced with bright yellow, the signature color of Saturday. Instead of a palette of dark woods and sophisticated pops of color, the store predominantly features a lighter wood with white finishes. The change in finishes alone signifies a lower price point as well as a fresher and younger feel. When you look a little closer at the details, however, the similarities become very apparent. Small surprises are abundant in the Saturday store, such as the turntable playing the Rolling Stones and the neon “Saturday is dance parties” sign behind the cashwrap. These delightful moments are reminiscent of the nostalgic displays throughout the Kate Spade flagship and the neon wall of Kate Spade idioms.

How may I help you?

The difference between the brands goes far beyond physical attributes and extends into the way that they focus on the customer. At Kate Spade, you find associates who are ready to be your style consultant; they even have a VIP room on the top floor of their flagship for a private shopping experience. At Saturday, however, they allow the customers to navigate on their own and provide digital signage for extra exploration. This shows yet another way how the two brands differentiate themselves by understanding the needs of their different customers.

Overall I’m impressed at how the little sister Saturday has developed a distinct personality but still lives up to the Kate Spade name. There is most definitely a place in our closets and list of retail favorites for both brands.

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