Glossier: Beauty in NYC SoHo

Glossier: Beauty in NYC SoHo

Glossier: Beauty in NYC SoHo 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

In between busy schedules and client meetings, our team takes extra time to get out beyond everyday tasks to see what’s happening in the market. We’re always on the lookout for new experiences and new ways to connect with consumers. I had been eager to check out the new Glossier flagship location in NYC Soho, so with some time to spare before a flight, I hopped in a cab and raced over from Times Square to have a look.

I’m a bit of a beauty buff and Glossier has been a favorite of mine for some time. Their Boy Brow is a staple in my bag so I was excited to see the physical embodiment of the brand. And it’s exactly what I expected when I walked in.

The storefront was quite unassuming, much like the brand itself. Simple, understated, yet special at the same time. Upon entrance, I was energized yet calm. It could be the Brand halo I was feeling, but there were also young and fresh cues throughout, from the music playing to the simplicity of the environment. Everything was neutral with areas of color that guided you through the space.

The space overall had a scientific lab feel, but with a luxury twist. Much like their product assortment, the simple merchandising and use of product repetition in their displays had high impact and encouraged self-guided shopping. The Offline Editors, Glossier’s fancy term for their in-store brand ambassadors, were available if you had questions and were outfitted in rose-colored jumpsuits that enhanced the brand vibe experienced throughout the space.

Get a closer look with this great walkthrough from Matilda.

Lighting is key to a beauty experience and Glossier hit the mark. A complementary combination of color and in-direct natural day-like light worked to simulate the sort of true natural light most complimentary for all skin tones. With every look in the mirror, your skin and complexion were enhanced by the environment, giving guests plenty of selfie opportunities and confidence for social sharing.

A Wet Bar allowed guests to test skin care products or easy changes to make-up application. Offline Editors were on-hand to help shoppers find the products that work best for them and guide more specific product purchase decisions.

The point-of-purchase was executed through the Offline Editor via a tablet. During my experience, I was escorted into an adjacent space where the item I purchased was brought down from a conveyor. When my name was called my product was coming down the belt. It was interesting to watch, but I don’t believe it enhanced my experience or my expectations of the Glossier brand. It was the only part of the experience that felt disconnected to me. Waiting on my order with others who were also waiting seemed like a missed opportunity to continue my engagement with the brand. Where did the product come down from, exactly? Who wrote my name on the bag? Where am I in the queue to receive my order?

Glossier, I’ve got questions.

Overall, the new Glossier experience was great and I’m looking forward to see how the brand evolves. I’ll definitely be back to see how they continue to change beauty, and of course to purchase new products.

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