Get In The Game – Brands Activate Users Via Gaming

Get In The Game – Brands Activate Users Via Gaming

Get In The Game – Brands Activate Users Via Gaming 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Consumers can’t get enough of video games right now. Game sales are soaring, and Twitch, a video game streaming platform, has seen consumers log over 3 billion hours in less than half a year. In effort to combat boredom while staying at home, many consumers have dusted off their controllers, and got active on gaming platforms. Understanding the opportunity, some brands have made swift changes to market themselves in these gaming environments.

The Show Goes On

With professional sports shut down in the short term, it hasn’t stopped leagues like Nascar, and the NBA from finding ways to get their stars in to competition. Recently, ESPN aired a tournament where real NBA players competed against one another in NBA 2K20. This tournament saw 16 different NBA stars compete march madness style, with the winner given a $100,000 donation to a Covid-19 charity of their choice. Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns) won the tournament, and has since participated in other gaming initiatives during the lockdown.

A Helping Hand

In the spirit of helping fight Covid-19, a number of artists came together, and hosted a benefit concert in the world of Minecraft. Minecraft is the most sold video game of all time, which allows users to explore, and create their own worlds. The benefit concert, hosted on April 11th, allowed guests to purchase VIP passes. These passes opened up special areas within the game, as well as access to unique in-game merchandise. All proceeds went to Good360’s Coronavirus efforts.

Brand Conscious

PwC unveiled that nearly $1.6 billion was allocated toward in-game advertising in 2019. While brands are no stranger to partnering with game developers via physical products, the desire to implant themselves in to gaming environments is growing. Fortnite, one of the worlds most popular games, is notorious for in-game brand partnerships. They recently had a cross over event with Star Wars, sharing never before seen footage from “Star Wars; The Rise Of Skywalker”. Users were then able to actually play as select characters from the movie. This content was available exclusively within Fortnite. This isn’t the first time their first brand partnership as they’ve worked with Marvel, Travis Scott, The NFL & more.

With a lack of physical environments for products to shine, brands will continue to place an emphasis on their appearance in the gaming world. The events taking place now, will also influence the next generation of in-game advertising, as brands haven’t tapped into their potential yet. With no limitations, the capabilities for brands to get creative are endless.

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