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weekly insights & creative actions to help brands remain relevant & stay ahead.

Nearly every industry and consumer have been affected by COVID-19 and as we navigate unprecedented waters, along with new consumer shifts, and operational challenges, we’re sharing actions brands can take now to engage the shopper today and tomorrow. Though the economic woes and shuttering of doors are happening now, the surge of social interaction and delightful brand experiences will be a winning combination when the dust has settled and an altered reality begins.

Are you ready for crowds to return? Here we share weekly insights and creative thought starters to help brands remain relevant and get ahead.

Shopping Goes Automatic

There’s an argument to be made when considering the effects that the global pandemic has had on the retail sector.  That argument is that it moved retailers back to being singularly focused on getting consumers the products they need in the easiest, fastest, and safest possible manner.

Trust in Expertise

Necessity has become the priority, but as we look at a post-pandemic reality, brand love and trust will need to be earned even when consumers resume normalcy. Sharing of expertise will have a large role to play in the relationship between brand and consumer.

Brand-Right Journey

Customers often visit physical stores for the complete brand experience that they can’t get online. It will be crucial for brands to speak in their unique voice, especially for store re-openings, in order to build confidence and reassurance in the branded environment.

Consumer Resilience

We’ve taken some everyday commodity items for granted and this pandemic has made the simplest of products next to impossible to acquire. We outline creative thoughts to help brands attract and engage consumers that are pushing toward brand name and product independence.

Expand the Brand

For in-person, IRL experiences to return to their former glory, it’s going to take more than just opening the doors and flipping on the lights. New and unique experiences and brand partnerships will be crucial for store visits.

Multi-Purpose Retail

Consumers are looking for ways to make their trips outside the home as clean, efficient, and successful as possible. We look at three specific opportunities for evolution as shoppers begin to return and the new reality of retail takes shape.

Going Touchless

In the post COVID-19 world we believe customers will have heightened awareness about their shopping environments and how safe they are at every touchpoint. The result will be brands doubling down on Touchless Experiences.

Bookable Experiences

With businesses shuttered, extraneous spending being curbed, and personal services postponed due to stay-at-home orders, “access” could take on a whole new meaning as we start to emerge from the crisis and get back to business.

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