Gen Z: Retail’s New Conscious Consumers

Gen Z: Retail’s New Conscious Consumers

Gen Z: Retail’s New Conscious Consumers 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

A new generation of consumers are driving retail success, and it’s not Millennials. Gen Z (born between 1997 and early 2010s) is on track to overtake Millennial spending in less than a decade, leaving brands to make important decisions with how they position themselves. As it stands, 81% of Gen Z shoppers prefer in-store shopping and love a good and delightful experience. Regardless of how great the store experience may be, these shoppers are searching for brands with purpose. Over half of Gen Z consumers look for brands to be socially or environmentally conscious, opening the door for new brands to seize the day and establish a connection with these consumers from day one.

“Generation Z will be the most disruptive generation ever and we will see their income surpass that of Millennials by 2031.” – Bank of America

In Good Health

Gen Z is a leading demographic in the battle against mental health and promoting everyday wellness. A majority of products purchased by Gen Z consumers are directly related to health and wellness. Wellness brand, Koko, offers beauty and homegoods products that help users fulfill a sustainable lifestyle. In an age where personalization matters, Koko curates a product assortment for each individual’s needs making meaningful connections with their shoppers. Personal, sustainable, and purposeful, Koko is one of the many brands getting in the door early with Gen Z.

Sustainable Products

Low-Waste & High Taste

Dressarte is helping shoppers find their uniqueness. Sustainability matters, but the advances in fashion technology over the years have pushed more brands into upcycling fashion habitually. Taking it a step further, Dressarte is a custom clothier that designs sustainable threads for the individual. Shoppers are even appointed a designer to help them build the custom piece of their dreams, designing the best for an individual’s wardrobe. No animals, people, or environments are harmed in the process as all their products are sustainably sourced and will continue to push the low-waste movement forward.

Upcycled Fashion

Body Empowerment

Sadly, it’s been reported that roughly 80% of women in the United States are unhappy with their body image. To empower women and deliver body pride, Fame and Partners is changing how women shop for new threads. Each collection is made to order and promotes body positivity and diversity of women across the world. On a path to producing a zero-waste product, Fame and Partners is saving the planet one step at a time. As a brand, they’ve created a way for shoppers to escape traditional retail sizing issues. While Gen Z shoppers are adamant about in-store experience, many also suffer from shopper anxiety, leading them to stick to online and steer away from purchasing clothing altogether. We’ll see more brands adopting a similar model to empower generations of shoppers to come.

Gen Z Females

It’s not that Gen Z is high maintenance; rather, they have a higher standard for what retail should be and an idea of what they want their personal future should hold. Brands with purpose win in the long run, and we’ve seen the power of consumer resiliency.

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