East Market Brings New Flavor To Historic Neighborhood

East Market Brings New Flavor To Historic Neighborhood

East Market Brings New Flavor To Historic Neighborhood 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Iconic Columbus experience, The North Market, now has a little brother.

Our studio took a trip over to East Market, in hopes to feel the same special energy its counterpart offers. The new East Market is nestled in the heart of Old Town East, a historic, yet constantly evolving neighborhood. As a fresh home to various small restaurants, local shops, and more, it’s easy to buy the hype… but does it live up to it?

A Modern Restoration

The building itself fits right into the neighborhood aesthetic, with modern elements fused into the exterior. Simply put, the space is beautiful. White vendor spaces, high ceilings, and brick walls open up the old trolley house building, complimented by dark wood and steel accents. The entire experience keeps a warm, contemporary feel throughout the space. It’s complete with an upper level dining area that features large skylights and a skeleton structure reminiscent of the building’s historic DNA.

A Journey into Brick & Mortar

Many of these retailers are taking their first step into a physical experience within East Market.  East Market anchor, The Butcher & Grocer brings fresh quality meat, seafood, and more to the table. If you aren’t familiar with them, you may have run across their product at various restaurants throughout the city. In tandem to fresh meat products, items like produce, merchandise and more transition their space into to a mart of sorts.

Among the tenants are local rising stars, The Plant Gays. Specializing in custom houseplants and plant design, their new home in East Market is aimed to grow the brand, while integrating into the community.

“What I love particularly about East Market is the sense of collaboration amongst the tenants and business owners here… It’s a cool community vibe.” – David, Co-founder

Forward Thinking

Restaurateurs tend to be the primary tenants at East Market, with more growth slated for the year. Columbus Brewing Company plans on adding their own spin on the new location, opening an outdoor patio, indoor taproom, and brewery at a later date. Other attractions, such as Local Cantina, The Pit BBQ, and even a Daiquiri bar plan on moving into East Market by the end of the year.

So, does East Market live up to the hype?

Truth is, it has tremendous potential. Unlike its counterpart, North Market, there’s a lack of retail diversity within the space at the moment. Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous building with plenty of space available for future brands to settle in. We’re very much looking forward to the promising future of the East Market, and expect an evolutionary business model that boasts community, history, and brand all in one stop.

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