Creating a Consumer Connection Through Community

Creating a Consumer Connection Through Community

Creating a Consumer Connection Through Community 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

In recent years the connection between community and consumerism has grown into a key differentiator. People are actively seeking out communities to find support and belonging. Consumers are finding strength in numbers, and its clear that it’s impacting retail. No matter how big or small, brands are re-assessing their efforts to bring a sense of community into their offering. For some it’s sparked an entirely new format strategy, while others have created outlets that bring communities together.

Shifting Social Norms

Social media usage rates continue to rise as consumers are looking to stay connected and up-to-date on what’s happening outside their own walls. Since the pandemic started, the daily spend on social media apps grew by 43%.

Aware of the benefits and problems that social media poses, Superbloom created a platform that brings women together to live a healthier lifestyle. A space where vulnerability is encouraged, Superbloom helps women fight illnesses holistically offering support and solutions that can help women in all areas of their live. Nothing is taboo, this female community is a source for support and helps each other grow and become stronger.

Big Brand, Small World

Recently we uncovered why it’s important that brands have more than one brand experience. Companies are creating hyper-community concepts that demonstrate not just an attention to detail, but that community matters.

Always setting the standard, Nike, unveiled nine new store concepts under the umbrella of “Nike Unite” launching all across the world. Merchandise, product, and design elements tell the story of local heroes unique to each location—while depicting a story that showcases the importance of that community that particular store serves. All staff, promotions, and charity efforts also direct back to the local community, introducing the sentiment of “by the community, for the community.”

Supply for DIY

Carhartt pledged to serve their Detroit hometown and give back to the hardworking individuals who’ve supported them over the years. Their Detroit flagship serves not just as a retail center, but a two-story workshop where guests can finish their DIY projects completely free. Visitors can also borrow tools from their tool library, as long as they agree to the return policy of a week. For those who are still crafting their skills, Carhartt offers workshop classes and educational seminars to make DIY projects less intimidating.

This experience is only the beginning for Carhartt, with plans to adapt this model into pop-up experiences and place them in other cities that have contributed to their success.


“We thought that providing a space where the community could gather would allow them to foster relationships with others and feel empowered to build and create.” – Gretchen Valade, Director of Sustainability, Carhartt

Companies are coming to understand that sometimes a helping hand is all it takes to build a lifetime relationship with a customer. Each brand has their interpretation of “community” and what it means to them, which is why we’re seeing new ways to approach community focused experiences. Whether it’s global, digital, or hyper-local, there’s a place for everyone to feel special.

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