Building Relationships Through Health & Wellness

Building Relationships Through Health & Wellness

Building Relationships Through Health & Wellness 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Experiences may never be the same. Craving peace of mind, consumers are leaning on brands to deliver experience with holistic benefits. Keen on individual health, shoppers are on high alert. Now, more than ever, brands are finding ways to creatively introduce health & wellness to their consumers, and themselves.

Beauty Beats Bacteria

Inspired by the hand sanitizer market, beauty brands are finding their own niche in the fight against bacteria. Ellis Day Skin Science recently announced their debut product, Wild Resilience Active Phage Serum. This serum is unique for adding bacteriophages into the product, which essentially eat, and destroy bad bacteria. In doing so, the phages prevent redness, irritation, blemishes, and much more. Serving as a product of aesthetics, and wellness, look for more beauty brands to be inspired.

Rest For The Restless

At this point, consumers are no stranger to CBD, and the reported benefits it boasts in fighting stress, anxiety, and even pain. But now, users are making way for CBN, (cannabinol), a more sedative product that is effective in fighting insomnia, and restlessness. Colorado brand, Slumber CBN, is helping users fall asleep one caplet at a time. While the legal status of CBN is not entirely clear, Slumber CBN assures that their products are hemp sourced, and can be used without issue nationwide.

Meals With A Purpose

More than just a meal, Denver restaurant, Just Be Kitchen, is finding ways to boost the benefits of mealtime by enhancing the ability to fight against illness. They’ve partnered with PrimeHealth to build meal kits with food specifically geared toward boosting immunity. The meal kits, at $75 a box, come with six meals that promote physical, and mental wellbeing. Consumers are also encouraged to donate a box to frontline workers, where each one will be sent to healthcare staff, supermarket employees, and other workforce warriors.

Consumers are relying on brands to carry them forward with health & wellness in mind. We’re seeing that some brands are incorporating health into their experience, while others are instituting it into a solution. Regardless of how it’s used, expect brands to execute wellness with purpose in the new age of consumerism.

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