Brands Push For Small Business Support

Brands Push For Small Business Support

Brands Push For Small Business Support 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

For local business owners, it’s clear that 2020 has been merciless. With a global pandemic, and a nationwide array of protests, it’s been hard for some to get back on their feet. But all hope is not lost. Big brands are stepping up, and offering a helping hand in this time of need. Stronger by committee, this push for small business support could be the initial nudge toward retail’s resurgence.

Skater Solidarity

Infamous skate brand, Vans, is urging skaters across the globe to support small business. By implementing the Foot The Bill program, consumers can choose from their favorite skate shops, restaurants, hangouts, and much more to show support, and a little financial relief. For each shop selected, they will receive all net sales from their products that are purchased. Don’t fret if they don’t have your store though, as their customization app has you covered. By amplifying awareness around their individual custom shoe application, fans of the brand can design their grail sneaker, while also building a relationship with the company.

Yelp Can Help

Perhaps hit the hardest, local restaurants have struggled to find their way through this trying time. To help ease the blow, Yelp has vowed over $25M in relief through various outlets, enabling these restaurants to get their name back out there. Outlets consist of advertising space, waived advertising fees, as well as help in other categories for applicable businesses. In addition, Yelp implemented new products, and services for local businesses to tap into. Whether it’s a restaurant, nightlife, or something in-between, there is a good chance Yelp can help.

Soothing The Sole

In lieu of the recent protests, popular Columbus retailer, Sole Classics, unfortunately joined the likes of many other businesses, as they were looted last week. In local support, one of our favorite Columbus brands, Homage, decided to partner with Sole Classics, urging fans to “Open their hearts wider.” Their limited release T-Shirt, features the statement issued by Sole Classics owner, Dionte Johnson, after he visited the aftermath of his stores destruction. Sole Classics, a black owned business, asked for the proceeds to be donated to the NAACP legal defense fund, aiding in the fight against racial inequality, and injustice.

“Don’t lock your doors tighter… open your heart wider.”
– Dionte Johnson

Worldwide, we’re seeing retailers stand up for the small fries, understanding the importance that they bring to the world of retail. In some cases, it’s a globally renowned company that is making a difference, and in others, it’s love from one local brand to the next. At every level of retail, we’re seeing partnerships for the greater good. While the currents are high, and the waves may not be finished, brands can hope for a future of smooth sailing.

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