Brands Journey Beyond the DTC World

Brands Journey Beyond the DTC World

Brands Journey Beyond the DTC World 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

E-commerce has been a lucrative business, and for those paying attention, brands saw a 44% sales increase in 2020. With U.S. consumers spending almost a trillion dollars online, it’s still not enough for some brands to engage and deliver on their brand promise. With the online success retailers are having and the energy around physical shopping still desirable, there is no surprise companies are diving into brick-and-mortar headfirst.

Design Goes Direct

Burrow, a DTC furniture brand, is upgrading in the Big Apple. Their new 2,200 sq ft location in NYC is also home to other small DTC brands, like plant company The Sill and paint brand Clare. Their partnership with these brands creates a retail experience that helps shoppers cross every box when it comes to home décor. Each shop-in-shop change product as needed, and the flagship store even offers design consultations for shoppers looking for some décor expertise.

Selfcare Sets the Stage

Only 34% of US gym members believe they are truly receiving value in their gym membership. Fitness technology brand, Tonal, understands the importance of delivering value to consumers from the comfort of their own homes. Officially a DTC brand, they’re now implementing retail spaces across the US. For the gym member ready to make the home-gym switch, these shops give consumers a chance to learn and try the product firsthand. Each location is equipped with miscellaneous branded products and Tonal experts who can walk guests through each step of the Tonal experience.

Dollar Shave Club is among the latest self-care brands to go DTC, although their approach is a little unorthodox. Creatively, Dollar Shave Club has opened pop-up experiences across the U.S. and even opted for automated technology. A company built on convenience, they installed their first branded vending machine in Mall of America. The machine comes with a range of Dollar Shave Club products and houses their newest items when they release.

Fashion Gets Real

Online luxury consignment store, The RealReal, is slowly growing its retail portfolio. A house of luxury brands, The RealReal’s in-store environment, authentication methods, and product offering come together to deliver the DTC experience they’ve strived for. On the path for 13 stores, The Real Real has no plans of slowing down. Each location works hand in hand with their online store, updating products in real-time and even showing the process of verification and when / where it’s available.

Although we live in a world infatuated with digital, consumers still crave activity. An online presence can help brands establish themselves, but it’s the experience that builds relationships. 81% of Gen Z consumers state that they’d rather shop in-store than interact with brands digitally. As we brace for a world with no restrictions once again, brands are seizing the opportunity and going directly to the consumer.

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