Basics Market Empowers Consumers With Access and Education

Basics Market Empowers Consumers With Access and Education

Basics Market Empowers Consumers With Access and Education 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

While recent years have shown that consumers are spending more on dining out than dining in, industry research suggests that next year could be a return to the kitchen. Consumers are looking to save costs and eat healthier, but when it comes to actually preparing a meal that balances both, there’s still a bit of confusion. The Boomer generation has long history of pre-established food practices and preferences, whereas our digital native Millennials are still somewhat novices when it comes to cooking with confidence. The desire to learn is cross-generational though as consumers look to be more proactive about leading healthy lifestyles.

Basics Market Exterior

Portland, Oregon based Basics Market is looking to not only make high-quality foods accessible but also empower consumers post-purchase. While small in stature, the 7,500 square store has a big focus on health and wellness. Founded by farmers, entrepreneurs, culinary experts, nutritionists, and natural food veterans, and backed by natural food pioneer Pacific Foods, Basics Market is designed to nurture stronger, healthier communities through food.

Basics Market Interior

Making shopping intuitive, ingredients are organized by recipes informed by an in-house culinary director and vetted by a nutritionist at five meal stations. Shelves are stocked with fewer choices in favor of local, sustainable, and in-season offerings, and fresh produce is delivered daily. And for those that want more of a hands-on approach, in-store nutritionists are available to guide shoppers.

Basics Market Meal Station

One-third of the space is also dedicated to education with a Discovery Kitchen and a Culinary Classroom. From interactive classes focused on “Understanding Nutrition Labels” and “How to Balance Your Plate” to kitchen skills that cover “Egg Cookery” and “Knife skills,” the calendar of classes appeal to all.

Education Class at Basics Market

If the focus on health wasn’t already prominent upon entry, the Portland Clinic is located above the store making it a complete food and wellness destination.

“When you have the skills to cook your own meals and a little nutrition guidance, you’re really taking your health into your own hands,” said Store Manager Erin Leiker. “What’s important to all of us is fostering heath and connections in the store and around the table.”

Basics Market, with an edited and thoughtfully curated assortment and offering, demonstrates a more active role we expect brands to take and consumers to embrace. Grocery is no longer about just selling food, but more so about empowering the lifestyles of today’s consumers. Those brands that can tap into what needs to be offered beyond a SKU on a shelf, will find that they’re building a deeper relationship based on real consumer needs to live the lifestyles they desire.

Want to learn more about what can be done to improve the relationship between the consumer and the store? Check out our recent report, “The Great Grocery Shakeout” to better understand the shift in store dynamics.

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