When DIY Affects How We Buy

When DIY Affects How We Buy

When DIY Affects How We Buy 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Extended time at home has enlightened consumers to the idea of home reimagination. Whether it be new interior design, or simply a new project, people are getting hands on. But in the age of the DIY consumer, projects around the house are becoming sought after. As the consumers change, so do their buying habits. For retailers, it’s time to reconsider the processes of the past, and adapt to demands of now.

Simply Satisfying

With a mix of personal touch, simplicity, and hands on activity, Backdrop is turning DIY in to a brand experience. Taking pain out of the painting process, Backdrop delivers curated color palettes, as well as an essentials kit loaded with supplies, and steps to empower the consumer. Backdrop recently partnered with Urban Outfitters, enabling the brand to reach a new market in the physical space.

Custom is King

Consumers, and customization truly go hand in hand. Many retailers have begun adding surface level customization to their in-store offerings. Bassett however, is giving customers creative liberty over nearly all of their products in-store. This ranges from the materials, finishes, sizes and much more. Guests can even schedule consultations to help envision a look, and a feel for any space in their home. This gives the customer that DIY feeling, without the hard work of putting the products together.

Mastering Mobility

Studies show that about 66% of millennials are renters. For some retailers, they’re missing an opportunity to connect with these consumers, whether it be price point, or even just product mobility. For the on the go millennial, Furniture Tech Lab designed the Elephant In A Box, a completely foldable, and portable sofa that’s ready for use in roughly 5 minutes. Made to adapt, the sofa can be scaled to satisfy any room size. In an age where mattresses can come in a bag, this step toward product innovation meets squarely at the apex of comfort, and convenience.

Looking ahead, the DIY consumer has much to look forward to. With options at their disposal, products that literally shape shift, and customization at their leisure, the possibilities are endless. In the future, expect to see a physical space that is diverse experientially, and with unique product.

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