Unique Multilevel Shopping at Hudson Yards NY

Unique Multilevel Shopping at Hudson Yards NY

Unique Multilevel Shopping at Hudson Yards NY 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards is truly the most unique blend of innovative shopping and dining that I’ve ever seen in NY. There are a plethora of luxury brands alongside fast fashion as well as digitally native stores breaking into physical spaces for the first time. In the middle of everything are exciting installations and exhibits, such as the Floor of Discovery by Snarkitecture that has tri-annual rotating installations of immersive design environments. Comprised of 4 levels, The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards provide a lot of transparency into the surrounding NY environments. Public installation structures such as The Vessel, which is a spiral staircase that leads to nowhere, supply visitors with beautiful views of the city. It’s an amazing experience walking in from the High Line at Hudson Yards while sightseeing NY and then being led right into luxury shopping and fine dining.

Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen’s new Ice Cream shop pulls you back in time with its vintage looking storefront and shop while serving future healthy ice cream that anyone can enjoy. Their latest surprise at Hudson Yards is a Popeye spin on vegan ice cream called “Popeye’s Fleet Treat” that has organic spinach, extra virgin olive oil, turmeric & sea salt!

The Drug Store

Dirty Lemon’s healthy everyday routine beverages are now at Hudson Yards providing a “pay when you want” trust agreement between you and them. There isn’t a cashier or even a checkout counter as anyone can just get a drink and go. All you have to do is text Dirty Lemon what you get and they will text you back with a link to make your payment which is the exact same way it works with their online shop. Just grab the product, leave, text later and pay.

The Conservatory

Touching on the customers five senses, The Conservatory reflects various themes that invoke an all-around awareness and even alertness to the shopping experience. Along with this they have all types of sizes for all age groups as well making it a great experience for all who shop. There is also a floral shop weaved throughout with a clear message of sustainability and artisanship!


This is Rhone’s first permanent physical store ever to open, making Hudson Yards a great place to compete outside of their online presence. Made for Men activewear, Rhone is establishing itself as the premium place to go for activewear and their store does a great job at showcasing every type of sophistication one might want while working out.

AG (Adriano Goldschmied) Jeans

Known for their Chic and Sophisticated fashion and a focus on premium denim jeans, AG has opened an equally clean and enlightened store at The Shops & restaurants, NY. Everything is polished yet ready to wear with endless varieties of denim washes, tops, jackets, bags, and tees.

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