Tiles & Smiles: Our Trip to Crossville Re-Cap

Tiles & Smiles: Our Trip to Crossville Re-Cap

Tiles & Smiles: Our Trip to Crossville Re-Cap 1440 428 Maxwell Miller

Chute Gerdeman took a trip down to Crossville, TN, for a visit to our friends at Hamilton Parker and Crossville Tile. For the unfamiliar, Crossville is home to the first large format tile plant in the United States. It’s here that many tiles are manufactured, which are ultimately specified in spaces all around the world.

Staying current on tile designs and capabilities helps our design teams understand the requirements of any given space. Not only is it essential to understand the technical aspects of the material, but the cost and lead time. Making sure we stay ahead of new material development and technology—couple that with what works best for clients and the spaces we design. This context helps creatives bridge the gap from concept to creation.

So, What’s New?

Crossville’s newest product, Laminam, is a thin, large format tile that has proven itself as one of the most durable materials in the tile industry. We were able to see Laminam in action, as our hosts demonstrated the product and many features.

We were also excited and completely in awe by the new developments of large format tiles. In the past, implementing large materials in spaces was challenging, causing many headaches in our studio. Not anymore. Digital printing capabilities and custom sizing, implementation is much easier and cost effective than ever before. A welcome notion to our designers.


Sustainability wise, the plant mixes old porcelain and clay materials from the surrounding area and partners with TOTO, the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer. Together, they recycle their material into their products. Through the program, Crossville has diverted millions of pounds of waste from landfills. *Fun fact*, Crossville is the first to become a net consumer of waste.

Our experience at Crossville was educational, necessary, and got our creative brands moving. Our trip helped us stay current while giving us the inspiration to get ahead of the curve. In an industry saturated with creative talent, finding a way to stay disruptive is a must. With our new found knowledge of the products at hand, we feel we can intelligently speak on the new wave of tiles, and use that knowledge to benefit our existing and future clients with their spaces.

Our sincerest thank you to Hamilton Parker & Crossville for having us!

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