The New Frontier of Western Fashion

The New Frontier of Western Fashion

The New Frontier of Western Fashion 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Whether it’s a piped yoke western, double denim and cowboy boots, a loose prairie dress with a wide brim hat, or a plaid shirt with pearl snap pockets, western fashion is experiencing a renaissance. Stitch by stitch, this apparel trend has full-on embroidered new consumer interest. Before you hop off to peruse your closets for the classics, let’s discuss what’s driving this authentic western fashion attraction.

“The Western Wear Market was worth $85.80 billion dollars in 2020, and it is predicted to grow to $119.93 billion dollars by 2027.” – MarketWatch

New Roots of Discovery

For many, the outdoors were a reprieve during the pandemic and a safe place to connect or escape. For others, it meant going as far as taking time to travel cross country to experience our nation’s greatest national parks. The nit and grit of nature and a newfound love for the outdoors were at an all-time high.

When consumers weren’t exploring mother nature, many were glued to the tube to pass the time, and Yellowstone’s record-breaking hit series captivated viewers. If your fortunes have not led you down the path of this great western glory, you’ve got four seasons to catch up and stream online.

The tv drama stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, the patriarch of a wealthy family of ranchers trying to protect their land and assets. While many may not have related to the challenge of preserving the western way of life, the sentiment of protecting your family and doing whatever is needed was incredibly relevant during a turbulent time.

The show also ushered in its fair share of female empowerment with the introduction of the main character Beth. Looking fashionably fierce at all times, she was leveling the plane with some of the strongest male counterparts. Twitter accounts have been devoted to their love of her, touting, “Be a Beth, don’t be a Karen,” or “When life gets tough, handle it like Beth.”

Hop on to TikTok, and you’ll find a whole series of posts documenting the fashion transition and behavioral mannerisms people pick up through the progression of watching from season one to season four, and Pinterest boards dedicated to “How to dress like a Dutton.”

While the characters of Yellowstone were busy “branding” their cowboys, major western fashion brands were lassoing the opportunity for retail partnerships.

Reviving Western Heritage

Legacy apparel brands like Levis, Carhartt, and Wrangler found renewed life being at the forefront of a televised frontier on Yellowstone. Embracing the hardworking cowboy (and cowgirl) life, these quality duds are not just displaying fashion but demonstrating function. Tussled through fights, worn day and night, and weathering conditions, all while looking good doing it.

“Wrangler will always be the brand of authenticity for western fashion. Collaborating with a TV series like Yellowstone brings the lifestyle we’ve embodied for decades into the spotlight and allows us to reach a new audience showing them what it means to evoke the cowboy spirit.” – Holly Wheeler, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing at Wrangler

Fostering New Western Fashion

Meanwhile, emerging brands like Tecovas and luxury brands like Filson and Pendleton are reveling in the placement the series has provided them. Reddit streams are filled with questions about who’s wearing what, giving these prestigious brands the best advertising platform anyone could ask for.

As consumers are emerging out of a lifeless period of loungewear and cautiously reemerging to rebuild their closets, quality pieces will reign supreme and western apparel is on everyone’s hotlist. While fashion trends come and go, consumers today are connecting with these timeless styles that represent comfort in the daily grind of life.

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