Bonnie Kyle Promoted to VP, Implementation

Bonnie Kyle Promoted to VP, Implementation

Bonnie Kyle Promoted to VP, Implementation 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman
Bonnie Kyle

With a passion for client assistance and a focus on technical execution, Bonnie Kyle will lead Chute Gerdeman’s Implementation team; providing consultative services forged to ensure creative problem solving is seamless through execution. Her architectural expertise and experience allow for an integrated and transparent approach to client management. Bonnie and her team are expertly equipped to deliver solutions that are both on time and within budget.

A Technical Approach

From end-to-end, Bonnie drives the Implementation team to work fluidly and collaboratively to provide insight and technical ability, formalizing any concept. Our studio has a unique understanding of the how behind every wow, which helps accelerate the recommendations we makes to clients. The documentation and adaptation of the designs Bonnie oversees has given our design team a substantial foundation to execute issues facing clients.

Scaling Our Solutions

It’s because of the exceptional skillset Bonnie’s team brings to the table that every solution is backed by recommendations set to address an ever-evolving consumer base. The unique talent, flexibility, and genuine interest in technical problem-solving advances the Implementation Studio to champion designs for powerful environments with the potential to scale.

“I am excited for Bonnie to continue to foster long-term vendor relationships as well as find new best-in-class partners to help CG execute our work as well as grow CG’s existing design-centered, scaled implementation business.”

Wendy Johnson | VP, Operations, Chute Gerdeman

The Hub for Brand Innovation

Bonnie is staunchly rooted in a process that has been meticulously designed to address client and consumer issues, taking the concepts designed to tackle those issues, and translating them to architects, fixture fabricators, consultants, clients, and partners. The Implementation Studio as a whole uses its fundamental ability to recognize what a brand needs to stay relevant and profitable for years to come, fueling the innovative mindset that sets this team apart.

Bonnie’s newest role as Vice President will help shift the company to a better, industry-leading competitor with the capability to take clients from conception through construction management. Her understanding of what makes transformative client engagements is the cornerstone to the future of her team. With services ranging from brand communications to architectural design and intent, the Implementation Studio will be a force driving Chute Gerdeman forward to ensure a streamlined, successful process.

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