The GIANT Company Opens Two-Level Urban Flagship Store

The GIANT Company Opens Two-Level Urban Flagship Store

The GIANT Company Opens Two-Level Urban Flagship Store 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Aspiring to deliver a grocery experience that inspires and excites customers, The GIANT Company partnered with Chute Gerdeman to create an urban flagship store in Philadelphia. With its innovative design and curated offering, the Riverwalk GIANT celebrates the company’s love for feeding families and the Philadelphians it serves.

As a centerpiece of the Logan Square neighborhood’s new Riverwalk mixed-use development project, the 65,000 square foot store is located on the 2nd floor of a 25-floor residential tower. Riverwalk incorporates design elements inspired by the company’s heritage and its GIANT Heirloom Market format.

A Store Uniquely Designed for Philadelphians

To make it easier for customers to shop, the new store offers a ground-level parking garage with direct access to the store’s first-floor lobby. Accented by local artists’ work, the lobby includes a full-size Starbucks and a GIANT Direct pickup station for orders placed online, offering an added convenience for on-the-go families. The double-height lobby, prominently featuring the GIANT brand on wood planks with red and white LED stripes, welcomes guests and draws shoppers upstairs to the sales floor.

Customers can utilize an elevator, escalator, or stairs to reach the full store on the second floor, where a dedicated cartalator to transport shopping carts between levels safely. Residents of the living space above the store have exclusive access to a private elevator, bringing them directly from their apartment to the second level floor.

Upon arrival to the second floor, an energetic tone is set by the introduction of The Garden, a combination of the Fresh Bar, the produce department, and a comprehensive offering of plant-based products. In various shades of green, vertical wood planks emphasize a fresh statement and create a focal for the departments.

Philadelphia’s grocery scene is experiencing a major renaissance, and The GIANT Company has been at the forefront, introducing new formats, opening new stores, and expanding grocery delivery services. Our Riverwalk store celebrates this transformation, offering an elevated omnichannel grocery experience, unlike anything Philadelphia has ever seen. Expertly designed to meet the needs of urban dwellers, our Riverwalk store is the perfect blend of modern sophistication and surprise, and of course, pays homage to the city’s fantastic food scene.”

– Nicholas Bertram, President, The GIANT Company

Food Hall: A New Place to Enjoy and Relax

At the heart of the Riverwalk store is a first-of-its-kind food hall, The Kitchen. The food-forward space offers high-quality Mexican cuisine, soup and salads, premium sushi, plus made-to-order sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, hot foods, and gelato, bringing together multiple cuisines and vendor brands underneath one umbrella. Working with GIANT, we refined the operational process of ordering and payment and developed a signage and menu board system to navigate shoppers through the queuing and ordering process.

Rich in natural light, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows, the food hall offers a spacious area to safely enjoy a meal overlooking the Schuylkill River, 30th Street Station, and the riverside bike path. A self-serve tap wall in the Gather area offers more than 40 craft beers, wines, hard seltzer, cider, and kombucha and serves as a backdrop to the beer hall lounge and dining area to accommodate both the lunch crowd and after-hours socializing. In addition, customers can also enjoy food and drink from the food hall and store on a picturesque terrace, complete with lounge-style furniture and fire pits.

“Working with The GIANT Company, we set out to create a one-stop destination for all things food. Customers have the freedom to shop how they want, whether that’s a leisurely shopping trip, quick grab and go, or pick up from an online order. The flagship symbolizes a commitment to be a community partner and serve customers in the best way possible.”

– Heidi Gordon, Program Director, Chute Gerdeman


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