The Art of Activation

The Art of Activation

The Art of Activation 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Brands are setting a new standard for customer activation, by simply forcing their guests to be active.

Customers crave instant gratification and fulfillment, with the element of exclusivity moving the masses. The FOMO effect is real, and is slowly but surely cementing itself as a solution in an ever-changing retail world. Surprise and delight have always been core to the retail experience, but it has become increasingly difficult to truly woo your shopper with something so unexpected they didn’t see it coming. How are brands turning the wooing process on its head? Unique activations that offer that little something extra. With this approach, companies are finding success introducing product to customers that they never knew they wanted.

Amazon Treasure Truck

Amazon continues to find ways to disrupt the industry, and the treasure truck is one of their best approaches to customer activation. The Amazon Treasure Truck ties together a hint of FOMO, mixed with wild offerings and a sense of fulfillment, stemming from limited product.

Via device, customers receive a message with a hero product for the day, which is reduced sometimes at an unexpected rate. Amazon gives the customer the chance to buy through the app, allowing the shopper to simply stop by the truck and pick up their new product.

Kroger Treasure EmporiYum

Kroger continues to expand their private label offering, and in unique fashion. The “Treasure EmporiYum” from Kroger is a compilation of sweets, organics, perishables, oils & spreads, and so much more.

Built on the idea of unique finds, their curated lineup of private label items exposes the customers to products they may have never tried before. Benefiting from a sense of bargain and exploration, customers can feel excited about the shopping the emporiYum. With word of mouth still a driving force in product endorsement, encouraging the customers to try something new may in-turn help increase brand awareness for Kroger’s private label selection.


Streetwear brands have some of the most active, engaged consumer bases. Their ability to tap into both Gen Z & Millennials is seemingly unmatched. Perhaps it’s the versatility and added dimensions of personal expression that comes with the brand (or brands) namesake.

OVO, the brainchild of hip-hop artist, Drake, has grown to 11 brick and mortar spaces across the globe. Their recent partnership with Wynn Las Vegas allowed them to drop new, surprise apparel on a weekly basis. This also coincided with Drake’s performance in September allowing fans access to exclusive merchandise, an option unavailable anywhere else.

Each and every successful activation comes with a story. Whether the shopper was able to get one of a kind apparel, the best chips they’ve ever had or simply the deal of a lifetime, rest assured that they feel a sense of pride in ownership. Playing on pride is a gift that keeps giving, and when brands truly understand that, the rest comes naturally.

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