Tech as an Enabler

Tech as an Enabler

Tech as an Enabler 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Tech isn’t the enemy—It’s an enabler.

It’s true that a global emphasis on digitally disconnecting is gradually gaining traction, but is disconnecting really the solution?

Daily life has become digitally saturated, with individuals spending nearly 3.5 hours on their phones daily (RescueTime, 2019). Over the past year, tech shifted gears to place focus on prioritizing people. With a newfound focus on enhancing user lifestyle, this poses the question;

Can we use tech to disconnect… from tech?

Visible Invisibility

Behind the scenes, tech is expected to work on our behalf. It’s the reason why we visit a website, and proceed to see curated ads shortly after. While sometimes inconvenient, users are now relying on AI to reinforce decision making. If brands can continue to execute “invisible” experiences, users can enhance their lifestyles without as much as moving a finger.

AI assistants, like Suvie, take time away from the kitchen so you can spend it where you please. With the ability to prepare meals by simply clicking a button, users conveniently are putting their minds to different matters at home.

Conveniently Curated

Wearable technology is capitalizing on convenience, with Fitbit and Apple Watch leading the charge. Analytics on sleep patterns, heart rates, exercise, tech usage, and even travel habits are connecting the dots for us, on their time.

Apple’s recent health tech implementations are potentially saving lives. Their ability to run an electrocardiogram (EKG), analyze your heart rate in various circumstances, and even guide users through stress relieving exercises is a crucial step toward managing wellness through tech.

Social Serenity

Over 3.48 billion people worldwide use social media, with visitors spending upwards of 16 hours per month on Facebook alone. The craving for human interaction is peaking as users aim to limit social media use. As we know, humans are wired to make direct connections with other humans, so we believe this will continue to evolve social media as we know it.

Social Media platform, IRL, is making a name for itself by encouraging friends to get together and spend time physically. The app specializes in streamlining the organization of events with friends and family, while also fighting social isolation.

With tech’s presence growing in our everyday lives, placing its purpose is the best way to use tech against itself. Whether it’s allocating social media to place us in the physical realm, or simply getting to know our health habits, tech is an enabler that helps users succeed within our daily lives.

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