Rockets of Awesome Pops Up

Rockets of Awesome Pops Up

Rockets of Awesome Pops Up 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Rockets of Awesome hit the streets of NYC with their very first Pop Up shop and just in time for back to school. The “cool clothes for real life” consumer brand has created a fun and interactive experience that all ages can enjoy. Rockets of Awesome has been gaining praise for their subscription service, offering unique fashion finds to members, and their Pop Up is just the latest in a rise of direct to consumer brands creating a physical space. For many, it’s a means to directly connect to shoppers and extend the communication to the home. As fans of the bold and creative brand, we had to make the trip to see the fun for ourselves.

From the street you can spot their signature blue color along with a collection of brightly colored bomber jackets on display. Playful groups of balloons give a sense of fun before you even step foot in the store. A concierge greets you as you enter, explaining in detail the origins of the brand, that it started as ecommerce, and this is their first pop up.

The display of bomber jackets as you walk in not only makes a design impact, but also marks a customizable experience in the store. Patches allow kids (and our very own Bonnie Kyle who bought 3 of them) to create their own personalized jacket, express their creativity, and embrace their own fashion choices.

Throughout the space there are photo moments to share. An astronaut wall features different heights for multiple age groups. The rainbow swing is the perfect digital to physical moment, offering a self-guided photo opportunity that you can share on social media (or email a friend) from the nearby tablet.

And have we mentioned the Marshmallow Pit? Yes, we (Steve Johnson) jumped right in. The merchandising mix is smart; curating a collection of toys and accessories with fashion must haves you actually want to buy for the kid in your life, or maybe even yourself.

We are obsessed with brands like Rockets of Awesome, who are unapologetically living up to their brand personality. This space is a highlight for the season and we hope they stay a little longer, or take up permanent residence.

The space takes shopping a step further, offering a collection of events for both parent and child. For parents, networking and meditation events are held while kid events have showcased a braid bar and a sneaker customization workshop. It seems Rockets of Awesome are testing the physical retail strategy to see what will work best for their brand and how to create a shopping experience that brings parent and child together. We like that this is a shopping experience that gives parents and kids an opportunity to enjoy quality time playing, learning about fashion, and expressing creativity to find what works for their individual personalities.

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Photos by Chute Gerdeman
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