Pedal to the Metal: A Course for Change

Pedal to the Metal: A Course for Change

Pedal to the Metal: A Course for Change 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

This year marks the 10th anniversary for Pelotonia; today, the organization has raised over $167 million in hopes to provide a cure so desperately needed for people all over the world. With a little over 8,300 riders to date, Pelotonia is a powerful force in the Columbus community. This group of enthusiasts rides, volunteers, and donates for their families and friends at a time when even the most minute of contributions can make a massive difference. Our professional and personal opportunity to provide The James Hospital with necessary funds to make an impact has encouraged Chute Gerdeman riders to raise money outside the industry norm.

Riding in Style

For many of us, the journey to finding a cure begins with discovering creative ways to fund and support the cause. Seven-year participant, Ashley Griffin, raises money while still encouraging survivors, cyclists, and believers to accessorize with a purpose. Sold in a variety of colors and sizes, these handmade wood-bead bracelets are specially crafted, donating 100% of the proceeds to fund cancer research. Her product acts as a wearable reminder that the effort put in by riders, scientists, and even herself was for a much bigger reason; one so impactful that a founding member of the Pelotonia organization decided to purchase and support the cause herself.


Hungry for More

Two is always better than one, a saying that couldn’t be more fitting for how this dynamic duo choses to approach 2018’s fundraising efforts. 2nd-year rider, Nikki Magann, and volunteer, Korry Magann, took a delicious left turn on their route to funding such an incredible foundation. Partnering with Pies and Pints and Seventh Son Brewing has created an influential platform for people to come together and support while doing something everyone loves–to eat!

Their love of bringing the community together doesn’t stop there; this contributive couple brought their support to the driveway and hosted a garage sale that donated 30% of the proceeds to Nikki’s peloton. A table covered with handmade pies was a primary destination for garage-sale shoppers, giving 100% of the proceeds back to cancer research. It’s because of the Magann’s creativity and evident support that the Pelotonia organization continues to have a predominant influence on 2018’s course for a cure.


Produce-ing Healthy Initiatives

Because training can get a little draining, 2nd-year riders Sara and John Hardy have supported their peloton with weekly curated boxes of produce to keep the energy and optimism higher than ever. Their growing support for this initiative has shown our Chuties that even one donation can be deeply rooted and enact some healthy change. The box of veggies is locally grown on John’s family’s “hobby farm.” Located in the heart of Amish country, Medina sits a roadside stand filled to the brim with a variety of hefty veggies, bridging health and fitness in a way unparalleled by fellow riders. It’s their initiative that keeps all of us here at Chute Gerdeman ready for Pelotonia weekend.


A Company’s Contribution

Chute Gerdeman’s initiative to support its employees ultimately transforms the work that is produced. That same support helps raise $200 per rider each year, acting as a substantial layer of donation to enact necessary change. The design firm’s contribution doesn’t stop there, its emphasis on team-oriented events have been a catalyst for raising funds through company barbecues, happy hours, water bottles, raffles, and jersey design contests. These initiatives hope to propel research forward and bring a definite end to the distress that cancer can bring.


Pelotonia is an industry-leading organization fueled by the creative fundraising-vigor people all over the nation have introduced. Our support and transcendent efforts to create a better, healthier society are done with one mission in mind: to end the fight against cancer for good. Your fight can still make a difference come ride day, so log on to the Pelotonia website and see what you can do to push your 10-speed to the nth degree, and help the 15 million victims worldwide achieve Pelotonia’s “One Goal.”


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