Mobile Retail Delivers Concierge Services

Mobile Retail Delivers Concierge Services

Mobile Retail Delivers Concierge Services 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Retail channels are diversifying and the term “be where your customers are” has never been more prevalent than now. From delivery to the digital metaverse, finding ways to not only create a point of connection but provide added value and convenience is essential for the future of retail.

Mobile Retail 2.0

For over a decade brands have embraced the mobile retail model to reach consumers. From placement at major events to entering new markets and cross-country tours, pop-up trucks became opportunities for brand awareness and vehicles to let customers experience products firsthand.

Shifting from a mass appeal, “if we show up, they will shop,” mobile retail now presents the opportunity to provide highly customized, consultative experiences. The same type of high-service experiences provided in-store, now delivered right to your door.

Lovesac Mobile Conceirge

One leading-edge brand using mobile showrooms as an extension of the store is home furnishing brand, Lovesac. Recently they launched Mobile Concierge, a fully operational retail showroom that comes right to your door. Customers in the Washington D.C. and Seattle areas can book an appointment online 48 hours in advance for an interactive demo and design consultation. Upon arrival of the Lovesac van, customers can step inside to see how Sactionals work, view fabric options and place their order.

“We wanted to create a new way for customers to shop our products. We decided to bring the showroom right to the customers’ home with a one-on-one, tailored shopping experience. Mobile Concierge is a fully functional showroom allowing customers to shop our expanding line of products, try out new innovations, and feel the benefits of Total Comfort™ before they make a purchase.” – Shawn Nelson, Lovesac CEO & Founder

A Premium Experience for Premium Products

When it comes to paying a premium price for a premium product, consumers want confidence before making the purchase. While risk-free trials are more common than ever, most consumers go in with the intent to keep and hope to not hassle with a return.

Here are just a few categories we could see capitalizing on the mobile retail trend. Keeping in mind it’s not just a point of purchase but the service that separates these concierge concepts from our previous day mobile retail pop-ups.

Fitness Equipment: Wondering what the Peloton bike really feels like but don’t have the courage to test in store? Imagine having the opportunity to privately test on your turf, and the chance to ask candid questions like, “Should I buy a seat cushion?”

Sporting Goods: Maybe you’re ready to put your amateur golf days behind you and level up to pro status with new gear. Picture a custom club fitting and assessment right in your front yard courtesy of Golf Galaxy or PGA Superstore.

Outdoor Gear: You’ve been planning that cross-country national park tour for years and the time has finally come to outfit the trip. What if you could submit your travel checklist, have an REI associate provide their product recommendations, compile a kit, and demo on-site. That pre-assembled tent looks great in-store but how hard is it really to put together?

Bridal: Shopping for that dream dress couldn’t be a more personal experience. And it’s rarely an instant gratification purchase. Imagine a curated collection of dresses based on your style preferences pulled just for you and delivered right to your door. Invite your family and friends and you have the ultimate bridal experience.

As an extension of the store, this hyper-personal mobile retail approach has benefits for savvy retail brands. From product demonstrations and tailored product selections, the micro showroom experience offers high purchase potential. Not to mention a captive audience for customer feedback. Would a brand’s mobile retail fleet ever equate to its store count? Likely not, but this type of innovation shows how we expect brands to augment the store experience in the years ahead.

Want to learn more about how other brands are uniquely navigating the retail landscape? Read up on Outer’s Neighborhood Showrooms. 

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