Make Way For The Modern Traveler

Make Way For The Modern Traveler

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Travel has laid dormant for the past three months, as we’ve waded through the waters of a global pandemic. Needless to say, consumers are itching to get out of the house. But travel has changed, and the process isn’t as simple as it once was. That said, consumer optimism paired with creative brand initiatives is instilling the travel bug in us once again.

Taking The Scenic Route

Consumers will be hesitant to jump on a flight in the immediate future. For weekend trip warriors, the answer you’ve been looking for may be behind the wheel. Turo, a rental car app, has differentiated itself amongst the likes of its competitors. Similar to Airbnb, users can shop rental cars, and book them for a certain amount of time, charged by the day. There is even options for everyone, whether it’s exotic, luxury, classic, van or just something to get from A to B. Recently Turo partnered with Spiffy, to ensure vehicle cleanliness, and give consumers the ability to travel healthy, and happy.

The Road Less Traveled

Traveling to oversaturated destinations is not an enticing endeavor at the moment. Looking ahead, consumers will adventure with under tourism in mind, partially for safety, and also out of curiosity. Mobile app, Vacaay, gives users a chance to find their dream destination along the roads less travelled. This photo heavy experience can help users find the vacation they never knew existed. With features that will help users plan an itinerary, it’s never been easier to find hidden gems all across the world.

Hygiene & Health

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. With post-pandemic health anxieties looming, airlines could implement hygiene kits to ease the worried traveler. Designed by Formia, this concept kit will come equipped with sanitizing wipes, gloves, masks, and more to ensure a safe way to travel. Each item will also be accompanied by personal hygiene tips, helping users properly take care of themselves along the way. It also bodes the airlines well, as they’ll receive yet another way to manage, and clean surfaces for passengers. While this idea sounds good in the moment, the current travel guidelines could halt this hygiene kit for the foreseeable future.

There is no telling when travel will see a boom, but it’s believed to be a slower build rather than a grandiose resurgence. With health concerns the top priority, it’s forced brands to get creative with their offerings. In the meantime, it’s okay to hang tight, and wait out the storm a bit longer. However, it’s refreshing that brands are tapping into their potential, and opening new avenues for the modern traveler.

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