Luxury Gyms of Tomorrow

Luxury Gyms of Tomorrow

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Gyms have come a long way since the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping iron in a cramped basement. Today’s facilities have undergone significant transformations that incorporate cutting-edge technology to create luxury gyms that support a more dynamic fitness culture.

With the advent of “smart” fitness equipment, interactive fitness classes, and virtual reality workouts, gym-goers can now enjoy a more engaging and immersive workout experience. This evolution has paved the way for a new era in fitness, wherein individuals are inspired and motivated to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Specialized supplements, gym memberships, classes, and many other benefits become more accessible to everyone online. Every day people are inspired by social media influencers who focus on well-being over aesthetics—and they are trying to find ways to incorporate it in their daily lives. With growing interest and access to wellness spaces, many consumers now view their gym membership as an investment, an attitude that is expected to drive rapid industry growth by 2028.

A Bright Future

From the steady growth of 8.7% per year for the past few years, the global fitness industry is currently worth over $87 billion and is expected to grow 171.75% to $434.74 billion in the next five years.

Americans hold the largest global share of fitness spenders, with 39% holding a gym membership, contributing to the U.S. having the highest gym revenue in the world. Tying fitness into overall well-being and mental health is resonating with younger generations— 45% of Millennials and 35% of Gen Z hold gym memberships—as they lead the charge toward the locker room. This momentum will continue, and it’s expected that by 2030, the fitness industry will have 230 million devoted consumers.

A Shift Toward Luxury

Consumers who now view fitness as an investment are searching out luxury or boutique gyms that enhance their wellness journeys. These wellness spaces bring together the best service and experience design, creating a destination somewhere members want to be. Suddenly going to the gym feels more like a luxury and less like a chore.

Social media fitness trends, such as “come with me to the gym” or “my soft ____ morning,” romanticize and showcase aesthetic daily life, and influence people to spend the time and money to spruce up their solo routines. Dedicating more time and money to a luxury gym motivates people to work on their wellbeing and use the available services.

Haven’t heard of a luxury gym, or don’t have one near you? You will soon. These luxury gyms, currently estimated at $35.5 billion in 2021, are growing at roughly 4.7% every year in the U.S. We expect these trends to only continue to expand as these new fitness trends challenge the long-unchanged market.

Standard gyms, already picking up on these trends, will continue to provide more services, including more intimate class options and upgraded environments, to remain competitive and combat the exodus of their consumer base.

The Gym of Tommorow

With the growing interest in well-being post-pandemic, people are prioritizing their wellness, causing crowded classes and gyms. Consumers want convenience and personalization, and this, combined with a focus on mental well-being over physical aesthetics, is funneling them to private classes and luxury gym amenities that boutique gyms provide. Here, people are drawn to the intimate, focused classes, custom fitness direction, and access to a multitude of open machines with cutting-edge technology.

Equinox is one of these luxury gyms leading the industry with state-of-the-art equipment technology, such as O2 vaporizers, laundry valets, tech-enabled classes, and brand partnerships to enhance the experience. Couple that with its popularity among celebrities and influencers; it’s no wonder this gym is one of the most notable luxury gyms gaining quick popularity.

Modern-day gym-goers are information-obsessed, researching to find the best fitness plan that suits them because wellness is not one-size-fits-all. The gyms that treat their individuality as a part of their fitness experience are immediately more attractive to consumers.

Luxury Gyms

Luxury Gyms—Take Your Pick

A few of the best luxury gyms molding the future of fitness and drawing deserved attention in the industry include:

Equinox clubs throughout North America offer luxury gym amenities such as a spa, steam rooms, digital classes, tech-enhanced equipment, meditation and sleep areas, and more.

Luxury Gyms

Equinox Gym – Los Angeles, California

The Granite
Granite Gym, self-proclaimed “America’s Most Exclusive Gym,” is by referral only and reserved for exclusive one-on-one sessions. The gym also contains 3D body scanners, genetic testing, and body composition analyses for its members.

GHOST takes a slightly different approach as a luxury fitness lounge furnished with seating areas in a moody, dark environment. The gym aspires to create a strong social network of strong, like-minded individuals who share in a wellness space and has a limited application-based vetting process.

The Preserve
The Houston gym embraces the bright Texas sun with walls full of windows, an atrium, and garden views with beautiful, natural greenery throughout. The modern, luxury gym feels straight out of a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Personalized Fitness Experiences

The trend toward modern luxury gyms is being driven by consumers’ increasing desire for personalized fitness experiences. By incorporating elements like cutting-edge technology, immersive environments, and personalized services, modern luxury gyms can attract and retain members who are looking for more than just a traditional workout.

With this trend showing no signs of slowing down, it’s crucial for gyms to continue to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of today’s fitness enthusiasts. From specialized classes, unique services, and luxury gym amenities, these wellness spaces entice and encourage consumers to invest in their fitness and well-being journeys.

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