Lush Makes a Splash With a Tech-Focused Concept

Lush Makes a Splash With a Tech-Focused Concept

Lush Makes a Splash With a Tech-Focused Concept 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

What if you could create an in-store experience that didn’t just educate customers about the product but actually ignited the excitement of using the product before they’ve left the store? That’s what cosmetic and body care brand Lush has managed to construct with the opening of a tech-focused retail experience in Tokyo, Japan. The bath bomb-only concept celebrates the product being invented nearly 30 years ago by Lush’s co-founder Mo Constantine. With a rich, ancient tradition of bathing that dates back centuries and still is embraced today, Japan seemed like a natural fit.

In the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion, the two-story space reflects the style of the Harajuku district with an abundance of pastels, vivid pops of color, and bold neon. Mirroring an art gallery, the aesthetic is modern, minimal, and sleek. Backlit walls are filled with bath bombs in a tonal color transition as far as the eye can see and the nose can smell. A winding conveyor belt, a popular element in Japanese sushi restaurants, transports bath bombs through the space.

An intentional departure from the brand’s signature chalkboard signs and sink stations for product demos, this store activates your digital senses with artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Using the Lush Lens feature on the brand’s Lush Lab app, customers can browse the nearly 89 different bath bombs including 50 exclusives and a limited edition collection displayed. Scanning the products, customers can view videos, receive detailed product information like ingredients, scent, and mood motivators, making the aspect of discovery fun all in the palm of your hands.

Assembled in just a mere 3 months, the store is intended to evolve over time and influence future endeavors through customer feedback. “Customers are being invited into the R&D process once again, only this time to feedback on the retail experience as a whole, rather than just the product. Each comment, reaction, and critique sent back will help shape the future of the shop and each area of innovation launching within it,” said Lush in a statement.

Gone are the days of catalog purchases and consultants… beauty today is about in-store exploration, experimentation, and education. Lush’s playful Harajuku concept demonstrates the ability to adapt a signature store design in a culturally and contextually relevant way, as well as how to make a single product the hero of an experience.

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