JoAnn Fabrics New Store Format Turns Dreamers into Doers

JoAnn Fabrics New Store Format Turns Dreamers into Doers

JoAnn Fabrics New Store Format Turns Dreamers into Doers 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

It’s the goal for every brand to engage, excite, and–most importantly–inspire each consumer who walks through its door. JoAnn Fabrics’ new concept store in Columbus, Ohio helped to elucidate what it means to provide an incredible experience from the start. Bright, fun typography and wayfinding is a pivotal part of the journey, taking dreamers and transforming them into doers. Creative stations become beacons for every interest; from paper to yarn, JoAnn provides every shopper with an innovative, community-driven roadmap to “their Happy Place.

JoAnn Fabrics Exterior
JoAnn Fabrics Entrance

See It

The JoAnn brand has broken the mold when it comes to its previous designs, revolutionizing the exterior and interior representation in a way that seems fresh, dynamic, and alluring. Branded colors are splashed across the exterior and sprinkled through the interior to give a much more cohesive look and feel. No matter the interest, every guest is propelled into the store and encouraged to venture left or right to get an understanding of each individual obsession.

JoAnn Fabrics Custom Framing
JoAnn Fabrics Custom Shop

Breaking the store out into specially curated hobbies is crucial to instill a larger sense of organization and excitement, creating that special place for every talented spirit. Each area is stocked full of product, merchandised as if to feel like its own oasis for inspiration. Tucked within is a workstation, packed with outlets to charge your phone and necessary tools to draw in those of whom weary of their own proficiency. “It’s like the creative adult’s playground!” says a JoAnn’s associate, “We are here to help guide the customer if they start to become confused or overwhelmed.” The cultivation factor was an evident goal to the new space; even my ten-minute walk through evolved into a half hour, wide-eyed expedition inducing a number of new ideas.

JoAnn Fabrics Flower Station
JoAnn Fabrics Flower Station

Dream It

JoAnn Fabrics Creators Studio
JoAnn Fabrics Creators

Pops of color and enthusiastic messaging encourages spurts of ideas and instigates participation. It’s as if the space is that really awesome best friend, pushing you to try new things and just “knit it,” “arrange it,” or flat out “do it.” Gone are the times when associates aimlessly walked around, finding ways to dodge customer interaction; here, they help foster ideas and explain how to propagate them to fruition. Signage throughout the space nod to different concepts, such as “make a memory” or “design your own journey,” and product beneath acts as the catalyst to the inevitable ideas that follow. Long tables of sewing machines, custom framing stations, and even Starbucks coffee hubs instill a sense that learning as a community is a valuable step in the process.

JoAnn Fabrics Knit It
JoAnn Fabrics Knit It

Do It

JoAnn Fabrics Cut Bar
JoAnn Fabrics Table

Once the overall impact of the space has subdued, the variety of tools and product start to become more evident. Massive walls of interestingly merchandised paper, yarn, flowers, and fabric are presented in a way that makes them seem just as important as the person purchasing them. They sit atop newly conceived shelves, illustrating a deeper impression of sophistication to the brand. Other accessories to the hero products lay close by to create a singular shopping experience within every department. Work pods and zones fill JoAnn’s Custom Shop, allowing the customer to conceptualize, ideate, and execute in a professional setting. Schedules for classes, inspirational messages, and ready-for-use tools coincide with JoAnn’s mission to “inspire the creative spirit in all of us.”

JoAnn Fabrics
JoAnn Fabrics Cutting Table

This new space is not just a one-time experience, it’s an ever-evolving neighborhood. Each street is a different interest, and the corners within help bring those interests to life in a way that’s different from any other store. JoAnn Fabrics has found a new way to speak to its consumer, elevating loyalty and promoting ingenuity. So, go out, be creative, and see what it means to be offered the future of expression.

Photo Credit: Chute Gerdeman | JoAnn Fabrics

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