I Work, You Work, We All Work with Crow Works

I Work, You Work, We All Work with Crow Works

I Work, You Work, We All Work with Crow Works 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Creativity Works

Working together, Chute Gerdeman and Crow Works developed the second vendor collaboration display to showcase a truly flexible workspace. When we first began this endeavor, our idea was to provide our employees with a more interactive and approachable installation to foster creativity. The result? A space that surpassed our original expectations, providing a custom-built vignette with the flexibility to be broken down and put together with ease.

Thinking Beyond the Limits

This space has its obstacles–a fire alarm set a height restriction that required a change from the original design. There are no outlets and a clear directive was given that nothing could be nailed into the wall. We strived to give an opportunity to become immersed in an environment that is both functional and beautiful to work in, showcasing the versatility of the products. Crow Works and our talented team put our heads together to design a fixture, with complimentary furniture pieces, for a stand-alone environment established to encourage our employees to leave their desks and enter a Crow Works sponsored office space.

If You Build It, They Will Work

The structure itself stands alone, being supported by frames behind and underneath. The instillation is a Crow Works original; featuring the versatility of their hardwood flooring and wall paneling. Laid out in pieces, the hardwood material is interwoven within itself to produce a defiant structure with a customized finish to stand out in the space.

The centerpiece of the installation is an eight-foot Crow Works Waterfall Table made from American Black Walnut and a beautiful, natural finish. The table was meticulously created with the intention to frame out each stool underneath, revealing the company’s recent upholstery campaign. This custom feature works to provide clients with the opportunity to mix-and-match pieces for an arrangement unique to each project, showcasing Crow Works’ custom and collaborative capabilities.

Local Influence

The fun in our partnership and collaboration can be seen through our final construction. It is because of this high-level thinking, strategy, and joint capabilities that our work can tell a unique and creative story. This successful collaboration shows what can happen when networks of industry professionals don’t just sit on a foundation of great ideas–but instead, a beautiful custom Crow Works stool.

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