Embodying Experiential Dining

Embodying Experiential Dining

Embodying Experiential Dining 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Aster Hall, a Chicago food hall, is delivering an unrivaled luxury dining experience.

While the concept of the food hall isn’t new, the trend is making a massive resurgence. Food halls capitalize on a key experiential element: options. Guests love options, and with QSR kingpins like Chipotle, Piada, Bibibop, and others expanding, it’s clear that customers crave choice.

Where Aster Hall succeeds though, is where others fall flat. Food halls can’t succeed on choice and convenience alone. Aster Hall blends a luxury environment, into a tech-friendly, community-focused space with cuisine that is characteristic of, and new to Chicago.

Allocating Accessibility

Taking cues from DIY culture, Aster Hall gives customers creative liberty over their orders via self-serve kiosks. These kiosks are placed in various locations across the building, and are device friendly.

The entire experience is cashless, allowing guests to purchase via card, mobile device, watch, and more. This enables guests to order stress-free, and on their own time.

Quintessential Chicago Cuisine

Each restaurant in Aster Hall is a Hogsalt Hospitality creation. Rather than open the food hall up to local vendors, Hogsalt took it upon themselves to develop new concepts to offer Chicago classics, as well as new, and inspiring dishes to open up the dining experience. Local, and global cues encourage customers to come back for different dishes over time, building a relationship with frequent guests.

Notable Menu Options: Chicago style hot dogs, sushi, lobster rolls, ramen, cheeseburgers, Chicago style pizza, tacos etc.

The Perfect Cocktail

To top off the dining experience, guests can visit the top floor for a craft cocktail. Accompanying the full-service bar, is a premier lounge, encouraging guests to simply relax and enjoy the moment. Reminiscent of a luxury hotel lobby in a sense, the spatial hospitality cues signify the lounge as a relaxation hub that cap off the journey.

As the food hall trend skyrockets, carbon copying a concept can be a recipe for disaster. For Aster Hall, they found their differentiation by meshing the food hall experience with luxury dining and tech activation.

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