Complimentary Combo: Subscription Services & Brick-and-Mortar

Complimentary Combo: Subscription Services & Brick-and-Mortar

Complimentary Combo: Subscription Services & Brick-and-Mortar 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Subscription services have been all the rage. Consumers can get seemingly ANYTHING easily delivered from shaving products to wine to vitamins, a full wardrobe, you name it. And as the offering has grown, the consumer expectations have elevated as well, creating the desire for a high-level, seamless experience. The website or mobile ordering must be entertaining while informational, personalized without a human connection, and when it arrives the unboxing experience needs to special. If the packaging is other than perfection it’s all a big letdown. Anticipation is key to the direct to consumer mail experience and its social promotion.

So it’s a natural extension for traditional brick-and-mortar brands to develop their own subscription service. Offer the same level of brand engagement to shoppers who haven’t even left home, or are just too busy to visit their favorite stores.


Recently launched Nuuly, from URBN, offers up their brands, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People, to the mailing masses. Nuuly applies the rental model, similar to Rent the Runway, understanding that shoppers are willing to spend their hard earned cash on sustainable practices. A monthly membership will run you about $88 and users are able to select up to six outfits that can be worn as many times throughout the month.

“Nuuly was born out of the idea that URBN has established a leadership position in brand and apparel product development, and has an opportunity to bring these skills to a new business model we think the consumer will find appealing.”

David Hayne, President of Nuuly and Chief Digital Officer of URBN, PSFK

Birchbox at Walgreens

A longtime favorite, Birchbox, is a master at the subscription service. The beauty giant has successfully captured the hearts of millions and continues to expand their efforts into the physical space. Already becoming a staple in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood, Birchbox will now expand its presence within Walgreens. After a purchasing stake in the company, Walgreens now has 11 mini Birchbox stores within its stores.

It’s a great extension to the brand and a meaningful way to engage with shoppers in BOTH eCommerce and physical spaces. This is what showing up for the shopper looks like. Making those real-life connections and allowing shoppers to meet your brand where they want to and how they want to.

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