Brands Creating Food Playgrounds

Brands Creating Food Playgrounds

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Brands, in both restaurant and retail industries, are constantly looking for new ways to engage consumers–exploring new tastes, building communities to learn about or to make food; all while creating a unique experience that keeps them coming back as part of a loyal consumer base. Creating a one-of-a-kind experience is key, something personalized to the guests, their community, and their tastes. These sorts of efforts are what set brands apart and gain market share in this new wave of mixed-use spaces.

“With 34% of Americans wanting products that help them discover new flavours (US Specialty Food Trends, 2018), 2019 will beckon a diversified food environment and a broadening consumer palate.” – Stylus

Kitchen 1883: Kroger

We had to pleasure of working with Kroger to develop the design for Kitchen 1883. The goal of the concept was to create a fun yet relaxed dining experience serving comfort food and craft cocktails. The space allows Kroger to test new flavor profiles and expand their service offering; giving new and loyal shoppers a new way to experience the Kroger brand.

The Table by Crate: Crate & Barrel

Just recently opened, The Table at Crate is a casual dining experience in collaboration with chef Bill Kim and Cornerstone Restaurant Group. The space echoes the Crate & Barrel brand, with it’s simple, modern, yet approachable feel. Featuring a coffee bar and an expansive community table, the space is relaxed and refined for multiple day-parts. Shareable dishes are served on Crate & Barrel plates and guests are surrounded by the brand’s tables and chairs. All purchasable, of course, after your meal is complete.

 “We’ve created a space that is both casual and elegant, equally delightful for lunch or dinner, bringing together the things we love the most: connecting people, entertaining, creative food and timeless design.” – Sebastian Brauer, VP Product Design and Development at Crate & Barrel

Time Out Market

We stumbled on Time Out Market during recent travels to Lisbon and we were instantly hooked. The lines of kiosks selling unique local offerings created a sense of desire and excitement. A modern and organized take on a traditional food market, Time Out is bringing together the best of what local flavors have to offer.

Time Out takes pride in curating every aspect of their culinary experience. Stating that they are “the first market in the world where everything has been chosen, tasted and testing by an independent panel of city experts.” Now with locations in New York and Boston, and more on the way, we’ll be visiting as often as possible.

Some restaurants are innovating while some are playing catch up.
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