A Modern C-Store Design for MAPCO

A Modern C-Store Design for MAPCO

A Modern C-Store Design for MAPCO 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

With more than 340 stores throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, convenience store chain MAPCO now prepares to open its newest location in Hoover, Alabama. Measuring more than 5,000 square feet, the c-store boasts a modern store design and features free Wi-Fi, fresh food and grocery items, smoothies, bean-to-cup coffee, and a beer cave.

Before opening to the public, our partners at MAPCO invited our design team to visit sunny Hoover, Alabama, to take a tour of the new MAPCO Store of the Future. To celebrate the store opening, we placed the finishing touches on an innovative experience.

“It was breathtaking to walk into the store for the first time. From our studio to their internal team, every design detail was executed with acute precision. It was a gratifying feeling to know we created this amazing store together—a design evolution that will extend beyond the doors of this single location.” – Hannah Namenyi, Designer, Chute Gerdeman

For over a year, we’ve been working closely with MAPCO to develop this modernized c-store experience, and this was the first chance for the studio to see the fruits of our labor in real life. Between the brand work, the environment, and design sets, we couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

Going Green

One of the key elements of the design was to inject a fresh aesthetic into both the interior and exterior of the space. MAPCO’s new experience showcases greenery in-store, emphasizing the brand’s primary colors and delivering an energetic feel to guests.

Together, we placed plants in by hand and joined the MAPCO team in seeing the design through from start to finish.

This trip served a valuable purpose for both teams to benchmark this store for future locations and suggest modifications for certain materials across the store fleet.

As our partnership has evolved, this trip was ceremonious of the hard work our studio and MAPCO’s team have produced together. A sincere thanks to MAPCO for being great partners because we’ve loved every minute of this project. We’re rooting for the whole MAPCO team as they open new stores in the coming weeks.

“MAPCO has a long history serving the people of Alabama. We are excited to expand our presence with our first store in the Birmingham-Hoover market to continue delivering our signature ‘Convenience You Can TRUST.” – Frederic Chaveyriat, CEO, MAPCO

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