Change the game and bring profit to center court.

What if we changed how people shop for shoes, brought profitable items into center focus, and created a space that met the needs of sport-obsessed urban men?


Champs Sports, one of America’s largest athletic footwear and apparel retailers, needed to up their game and capture the sport-obsessed urban male (whose sport is NOT shopping!) with a hip concept to highlights trendy and timely product offerings and inspires additional purchases.

The custom-designed “kicks” bleacher runway fixture runs the entire length of the store, dividing and anchoring the space. The fixture offers a wide assortment of shoe styles, colors, and brands. Ends are mirrored for customers to check out their shoes and mannequins on the tops of the bleachers feature coordinated footwear and apparel.


Power sports apparel brands are elevated along the perimeter. Inventive merchandising helps express style, while bleacher runway fixtures give that “court side seat” sports connection.

An urban-inspired storefront with clean, white brick and display window frames provides a stage for mannequins and marketing to show off the latest sports-inspired gear.

Design that connects people to the world’s greatest brands.

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501 West Schrock Rd, Suite 201
Westerville, Ohio 43081

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