Visualize What’s Possible

What if you could see design changes “on the fly” or immerse yourself in your future space—before any walls are constructed or costs incurred?

Our digital team elevates the experience of every Chute Gerdeman client, allowing them to vet a plethora of creative ideas, test customer journeys,  visualize their space before its constructed, and prove the concept early.


  • Walk freely through a virtual space to experience the look, feel, and design of the environment before it’s built. Audio and video provide a full sensory immersion and allow your stakeholders to participate in the design and decision-making process.

  • An affordable alternative to building a full-scale mock-up store, virtual prototyping can help you make design decisions and conduct consumer testing. We can move the design off the device to create a projected, experiential virtual environment.

  • This tool is designed to look around a beautifully rendered environment in 360 degrees. Get a better picture than a still image and click on arrows and hot spots to move from one 360º panorama to the next to experience the entire environment.

  • Our virtual visual merchandising tool allows your team to stock, replace, and arrange product on any type of fixture within a virtual space. You can view the product placement decisions from all angles, test what works, save resources, and define best practices.

  • An interactive video-game-based model that allows users to interact with store fixtures and environments, and test changes on assets and designs. Simply click on any fixture or environmental element to change graphics and to test messaging or visual ideas.

  • We’ll help you develop corporate training programs to educate store associates on merchandise, selling techniques, policies, and corporate best practices. Utilizing familiar app store technology, all devices can be updated frequently.

  • We’ll pair robust analytics with your custom virtual model to create testable solutions, smart design decisions, and sound business strategies. You’ll test key retail issues like wait times, foot traffic predictions, and staffing choices.

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