Thought Leadership - Transforming Data

Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights

Exploring how retailers and brands meet shoppers’ can better utilize information to meeting increasing consumer demand and create engagement.

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Psychology of WOW Download

The Psychology of WOW!

Learn the (semi) scientific formula for creating WOW! moments for your customers – moments that will build emotional bonds with shoppers, increase their number of visits, amplify your brand, cultivate selling opportunities, and grow your business for the future.

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Reviving the Relevance of Restaurant Brands

Reviving the Relevance of Restaurant Brands

In this latest restaurant focused report from Chute Gerdeman, we outline the key factors for reviving the relevance of national chains and provide the context needed in each area so that restaurant leaders can begin making positive shifts in their restaurant brands.

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Download the Exploratory Retail POV from Chute Gerdeman

The Right Formula for Exploratory Retail

Learn why it might be time to make pop-ups part of your retail strategy and how to get the most from your pop-up concepts.

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The Post Omnichannel World

Customer behaviors and desires are evolving. Chute Gerdeman outlines the key elements retailers and brands need to consider in order to create a truly connected experience.

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Healthy is the New Sexy

There’s a growing focus on health and fitness that’s shaping consumer behavior. And for good reason. Factors like increasing rates of childhood obesity, longer life spans and the impact of future healthcare expenses have everyone’s attention. What’s showing up at retail is a fascinating response across industries and in surprising places.

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Big Data, Big Gaps: A Fresh Look at Analytics

In the face of constantly changing consumer demands and retail expectations, design needs a more nuanced approach. Companies that do it right get actionable insights faster. Discover seven ways any retailer can benefit from closing the data gap and taking a fresh look at analytics.

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What’s New with Shop-In-Shops?

Shop-in-shops offer retailers the magic formula of flexibility, brand-enhancing cachet and the ability to attract new customer segments. The opportunity has never been better for young, entrepreneurial hip brands to find a mainstream home.

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Pick Your Moments: Store Design Without Breaking the Bank

Renovations and refreshes supersede new store construction. Footprints are shrinking. Demand for experiential spaces is prompting greater interactivity. Flexibility is expected. Store design and store environments have to work even harder to stand out from the competition.

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When Creativity Trumps Budget: What Indie Retail Can Teach Big Brands

What independents do best is put together a concept that breaks “retail rules,” creating something new and exciting. Indies are behind some of the biggest trends. Consumers are loving it and brands are embracing it.

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Embracing Chance Icon

Embracing Change—From the Inside Out

Organizational change is the kind of subject usually discussed in boardrooms or Business Week articles. It’s certainly not what you’d expect to hear a group of designers talking about. Yet, more often than not, changes that start with a design RFP, the proverbial tail, end up wagging the organizational dog.

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Lessons Learned: The Strategic Art of Branded Franchising

Turning a single store success into a winning franchise concept requires retail know-how.

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Technology’s not-so-quiet revolution

It’s changing how your consumer lives, thinks and shops

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Turning Shopper Insights into Successful Store Design

Our best work at Chute Gerdeman is informed by consumer insights. Ask a shopper what s/he likes about a shopping experience, and be prepared to take a seat while a torrent of compliments, grumbles and memories spill over. Unmet needs? Oh, yes. Ideas for improvement? Plenty.

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