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Tossing out the rules and adding a bit of theater.

What if we achieved something beyond the norm—new methods of customer interaction and exciting advances in a once tired industry?


Domino’s knew they needed to change. Years of declining growth and popularity was beginning to take a toll on the company. So they hired Chute Gerdeman to begin looking at ways to overhaul the brand as a whole, as well as the restaurant space and guest experience. We delivered.

To continue to drive carryout business, Domino’s needed to better connect with customers in-store. The service counter, which had always been positioned perpendicular to the store entrance, has been rotated 90 degrees to run length-wise, with the Pizza Theater upfront and the cash register at the back. Now, the first thing customers see is the best thing Domino’s does…pizza-making.


The project began with intensive consumer research that included ethnographic in-home and in-store interviews and shop-alongs evaluating menu and experience. This consumer research heavily influenced the design work that followed.

Before the first brick was laid, our team worked with industry partners to create a prototype mockup store. This effort ensured that all aspects—both in the front of house and back of house— were working well for employees and customers. The testing lead us to tweak some design elements in the concept and allowed the team to create a more solid and vetted final product.

The Chute Gerdeman design team had influence on many aspects of the Domino’s brand including operations, brand communications, logo design, the branded environment, printed collateral, technology and digital tool integration, and uniforms for the company’s 260,000 employees.

In order to roll the great ideas, strategy, and design out to the Domino’s fleet of 14,000 stores across the world, we created a systematized and detailed construction guide that explained every detail of the design. This intense level of clarity ensured flawless execution.


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