Building Community Through Food

What if we create high-end but welcoming food spaces that speak to the aspirational community and highlight cultural traditions?

Supermercados Nacional, a Dominican retailer with over 70 years of operation, knew it was time to elevate their brand experience. CCN connected with Chute Gerdeman to develop a premium experience that catered to the individuals that mattered most: The Customer. An emphasis on quality, community, family, and store communications was vital to the success of this initiative. A need for a spotlight on family, quality, and product set a framework for the concept.


Taking influence from the Punta Cana community, a hint of European flair, and blend of modern design, we crafted an upscale in-store experience unique to Supermercados Nacional. We utilized store communications and visual merchandising to tell a story and highlight the product, not the price tag.

Outdoor vendors have been a part of Hispanic culture and their daily lives for generations. Selling fresh produce and artisan items from their small, and sometimes hand-painted trucks, is a staple of the street shopping experience. Bringing that feeling inside of the store was a great way to communicate local influence and fresh product. From childhood, Hispanic culture teaches the community to be the best they can be. We incorporated those aspirations to deliver an excellently designed store that encourages people to come in and take their time. An occasion to look forward to, Supermercados will often see guests in their stores sporting their “Sunday’s best.” Our emphasis on high quality and superior product complemented our approach to welcome the community within their spaces. We wanted to curate an experience that customers not only need in their daily lives, but want to have.

Uniquely Supermercados Nacional

Within eight months, Chute Gerdeman and Supermercados Nacional were able to design and build a space that showcased the strengths of the brand, while also maintaining their core values. Blending a high-end experience with aspects of the community was well received. Extensive coordination with vendors and stakeholders ensured design execution through the construction process. Consistently communicating and collaborating allowed us to hit such an aggressive timeline.

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