Delivering a Promise

What if we push the boundaries of what a brand experience could be? The new Rent-A-Center Store design inspires a new business model and experiential benchmark. With design in every dimension, the brand caters to its communities and core consumer through world-class store design.

With a thoughtful re-think, and a modern stylistic approach, the new Rent-A-Center bridges the gap between physical and digital retail experience. Consumers are comfortable shopping in various ways, which is a direct inspiration to the new & re-vitalized customer journey. The customer journey is designed to deliver total control to the shopper. Whether it’s an autonomous experience with digital influence, or assisted by a RAC team member, the shopper picks their own path. This experience is enhanced by digital endless aisle, thoughtful in-store inventory displays, mobile device, BOPIS, key signage and graphics + much more.

Key areas are designed with practicality in mind, in a showroom style, to help shoppers envision each product in their home. A new approach to inventory creates clever displays and usage for floor products. With the addition of focal walls and key zones, sightlines are broken up, giving the shopper more intimacy within certain spaces to peacefully shop as they please. Brand communications educate shoppers on policy, product, and services available to them.

This approach helps empower guests to make informed decisions on their own. Community is a driving force for the brand, as well as this new prototype. With respect, advocacy, and education, the new RAC experience delivers on a timeless brand promise: Genuine care for their guest and their needs.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Strategic to its core and reinforced through research, the new RAC experience is a comfortable place for a variety of guests’ needs. From day one, it was crucial to pair the environment to the brand promise and embody core attributes such as respect, optimism, and service. Each step of the consumer transaction is built with transparency, and the new design communicates lifestyle and customer-driven choices, price, and details to inform and empower. The RAC worry-free guarantee is not just a key graphic, but a revitalized business model and promise to all guests that they can depend on RAC to have their backs.

Dreams Come True

Consumer research uncovered fascinating aspects about the guest and their relationship with the RAC brand, as well as their dreams for the future. Initial research and trends showed an increase in consumer stress and decision-making regarding home furnishing purchases. Understanding pain points and key stressors, RAC designed a new customer journey that enhances and elevates Rent-A-Center’s unique service offer in a compelling and empowering environment. With encouragement to dream and explore, guests can build a wish list in-store or online to live life on their terms.

Appetite for the Big Apple

RAC’s NYC concept fuses digital convenience with real-world experience. In a streamlined take on the re-imagined full-store experience, this urban location gives guests access to millions of products in under 1,000 square feet. Concise brand messaging, curated zoning and endless aisle technology bring this store to life and deliver control to the consumer. Inspired by the optimism of dreaming big, the message is “we’ll help you get what you need with the care and service you deserve.”

Scaling A Promise

Developing a scalable design with style is crucial to bringing the RAC brand to new markets. Riverdale, GA, is one of the latest adaptations of scalable design, with more market launches coming soon. The customer journey has been crafted with both staff and shopper in mind. Flexible fixtures, easily updated product focals, and branded graphics allow the store design to adapt to the needs of any RAC location. Even the back of house has been considered in this new design and layout, without sacrificing the showroom appeal or capacity.

“This new concept has given us a chance to grow and build our digital experience. We’ve rethought our customer journey, as well as our showroom by incorporating digital. While we may have less product on the floor, with the assistance of digital, we have endless solutions to offer our guests.”

– Anthony Blasquez, EVP, Rent-A-Center

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