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What if local traditions could become the inspiration for inviting and accessible food spaces that appeal to customers with both shopping and dining in mind?

Pingo Doce was searching for a partner to help elevate their in-store offerings, while also developing their restaurant concept. Faced with the introduction of new competitors into the Portuguese market, they were looking for some key area updates to modernize the store and defend their market share.

In order to satisfy customers with both a supermarket and dining experience, accessibility was crucial. Our design team envisioned a kitchen style experience —emphasizing fresh local food, chefs help assist and prepare meals for guests.

Upscale Value

Our design team gave Portuguese flair to the Comida Fresca food hall by nodding to local traditions like the copper pots used to cook a particularly loved seafood dish. Those copper accents and colorful tile patterns were also used in key service areas throughout the store to provide a cohesive décor package that co-existed with their existing small signage package. With an eye on sustainability, the materials were sourced in Europe with many coming from Portugal or neighboring Spain.

Understanding the importance of Pingo Doce’s value proposition, we designed an upscale space that coexisted with affordability. This created an environment that all guests can find comfort in and enjoy.

Now, Pingo Doce has successfully meshed the worlds of grocery and restaurant, differentiating themselves from their competitors, while also envisioning an experience ahead of the curve.

“The sales immediately demonstrated that we’re going in the right direction. We are attracting a whole new type of consumer, as well as keeping the existing ones very happy with an all-new range of possibilities.”


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