An inspiring place for
dreamers to plan their goals.

What if an insurance company could create a community space to encourage growth and dream planning? What if insurance wasn’t boring or confusing but a unique experience to help customers protect their dreams?


American Family Insurance wanted a unique way to reach their community and consumer. The answer? To build a flagship for the brand that demonstrates their belief that a consumer’s pursuit of their dreams is a part of what makes life rich and meaningful. The objective was to show how American Family thinks about insurance differently and provides a distinctly unique, modern, and human way to interact with consumers.


As a showcase for American Family’s focus on “Dreams Protected,” the team designed DreamBank, a 2,600-sq. ft. community centered space that celebrates the transformative power of dreams. At the new DreamBank, visitors will find interactive tools, events, and experts on staff to help them discover their dreams, engage with their community and get the encouragement and resources they need to pursue and protect their dreams—all with the help of American Family.


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Architectural Design

American Family Insurance worked with Chute Gerdeman to create a compelling agent office strategy to shift and evolve the present agent thinking and articulate the brand promise. The goal was to create an experience that is engaging and educational, thus positioning American Family Insurance “top of mind” with consumers.

The new design embraces “the neighborhood agent” as a differentiator and provides a space that positions American Family Insurance as an advocate. The space feels professional, but welcoming and utilizes residential cues and props that support the AmFam service offer.

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