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Paper Lighting

Let There Be LightArt

Let There Be LightArt 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Last month, Chuties got a chance to meet LightArt’s Leslie Simpson and were designated with a challenge to be inspired. A choice of paper, workstation, tools, and 30 minutes on…

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“The food concepts that have momentum are doing 4 key things…”

“The food concepts that have momentum are doing 4 key things…” 310 505 Chute Gerdeman

What’s driving restaurant concepts to evolve? Insights from Chute Gerdeman With a focused eye on what makes the customer experience work for brands and guests, Chute Gerdeman explores what’s driving…

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Niketown | Chute Gerdeman - award-winning retail design and branding.

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams 800 646 Chute Gerdeman

During a quick jaunt to Chicago to scope out the retail goings-on I visited House of Hoops by Foot Locker on State Street. I’ve been to other locations, but it…

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Growing My Tricktionary at CCS

Growing My Tricktionary at CCS Chute Gerdeman

© 2011 Google, Map Data © 2011 Google. Inset image property of Chute Gerdeman. It’s been raining, I mean pouring, for days in Tampa. What’s a girl to do but…

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